Your Lazy Bunday Guide to Easter 2015 Events

As magnolias burst into bloom and winter clothes are put away, it’s once again time for to celebrate the annually-sanctioned chocolate coma that is Easter. Like many western holidays, the go-to activity is a Sunday brunch where kids can run around while the grownups tuck into a lavish buffet spread. Several events will have chocolate egg hunts, a guest appearance from the Easter Bunny, and Easter crafts. All events are on Sunday, April 5 and hotel brunches carry a 15 percent surcharge unless otherwise noted.

Beijng United to Unveil Shuangjing, Wudaokou Clinics

The communities of Shuangjing and Wudaokou are soon to have a new choice for international-standard healthcare as Beijing United Family will be opening clinics there in early April.

The Shuangjing location is located on Guangqu Lu, just east of the Shuangjing Line 10 subway station. The Wudaokou clinic will open at Tsinghua Tongfang Hi-Tech Plaza near the Beijing Language and Culture University.

The Shuangjing facility will offer a variety of services like family medicine, preventative care (including men’s health, women’s health, travel medicine, and immunizations), gynecology and pediatrics departments, internal medicine, outpatient surgery consultations, a psychological health department (for consultations, assessments, and treatments), Traditional Chinese Medicine services, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and ultrasound.

The Wudaokou location will offer the same, along with an added radiology service.

THIS Reporting: Sports Culture at an International School

As Beijingers celebrate their third CBA championship in four years last Sunday, the jubilant posts of triumph on various social media platforms create a great contrast to the lack of enthusiasm Chinese high school students towards their own school sports. While it is true that many schools have very strong teams that have won several tournaments and even national championships, the majority of the school is usually unconcerned and sometimes even uninformed.

Best Shunyi Restaurants: the Beijinger’s 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards

It's been another big year for familiar names and also a great year for newcomers in the Beijinger's 2015 Reader Restaurant Awards. After 9,000 ballots were counted, the Beijinger team sifted through the results and found your favorite spots for dining in Beijing in 2015. In the category of “Best Shunyi” restaurant, The Orchard secured the number one spot this year. The accolades for “outstanding” went to Mrs. Shanen’s and The English Tearoom. Here’s a closer look at why readers voted these top restaurants as the best in Shunyi.

Doctor's Orders: Is My Child Eating Enough?

I used to think that mothers who thought their kids were underweight were overreacting – until I had a daughter of my own. I found myself constantly worrying that Isabella wasn’t eating enough and say to my husband, “Look, I can see all her ribs!” Yet, every time we went in for a well baby checkup, she was above the 90th percentile for both height and weight. Now, I know that it’s a normal maternal instinct to feel that your baby is never eating enough to eat. I also came to understand how valuable growth charts are for reassuring parents that they’re doing a good job.

Beijing Real Estate Barons Want to Give Poor Chinese a Chance at Harvard

Ivy League schools are notoriously elitist, but some of China’s poorest students will have an unprecedented chance to partake in that top notch education, thanks in part to a pair of generous Beijing philanthropists.

According to a recent Daily Mail article, Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin, a couple who made their millions developing real estate such as the Soho properties in Beijing, have donated $100 million to America’s top schools in 2014. Ten million dollars of that offering will go to Yale and $15 million of it will be given to Harvard, in order to help cover costs for economically marginalized Chinese students that would normally be shut out from such upper echelons.

Wabbit of the Week: Still Up for Adoption, the Quadruplets

There are hundreds of animals hoping to find loving homes in Beijing. If you are considering adopting a pet, Doggy/Moggy of the Week will feature animals from volunteer shelters, animal rescue groups, foster care providers, and pet owners needing to rehome animals. This week's rabbits are from ICVS' Adoptable Pets

The quadruplets first featured on the Pet of the Week blog in February. Here is a short recap of the rabbits' information:

Background: We were born to a long-hair lop-eared mom and a short-hair straight-eared dad. We were born indoors and are hoping to find new homes as soon as possible.

Personalities: We are happy, socialized, curious, and playful.

Ideal home: We would be so happy to go to a home with experienced rabbit owners. We would be most comfortable in a home with older children (e.g., 8 years and older), a couple or a single individual. We want to remain indoor bunnies.

Parenting Season 1: Spring

As I watch the spring buds form on the trees in Beijing, I can’t help but think it’s a lot like what has happened to our family in the past three years—a sudden growth of two little ones followed by their constant flourishing, expansion, and blooming. Our daughter has now turned three and we plan to place her in a kindergarten in September. Our son at 15 months is walking and saying his first words. I guess you could say that our family is in its early spring bloom of growth. I will have to wait fifteen or more years for their late teenage years that will then be characterized as my “long-awaited autumn.”

These are the seasons of parenting.

It goes without saying that I am so fortunate. My children are healthy and bright. They are little lights of energy that fill up my days and spirit. There is no greater gift than becoming such a vibrant family (even if it was so quick to suddenly have two children!) and I am grateful beyond words for this gift of motherhood.

Be Our Marketing Manager (and Other Cool Beijing Jobs)

Job hunting is a daunting process. Every week there are hundreds of new postings in our Classifieds Section with job descriptions that range from education, to business, to design, and more. In a growing city like Beijing it's a sure thing that there's something out there perfect for you, but trying to weed it out is quite the challenge. That's why we hope to highlight some of the classifieds that are a little different from the norm and may push your career in a completely new and exciting direction. Below are some positions you might want to check out and push your career to the next level:

China's First-Ever Domestic Violence Law May Spare Spouse Murderers from Death Penalty


With China expected to begin review of its first national domestic abuse law in August, various parties, including the public, have begun to weigh in on how the law should handle the perpetrators and victims of domestic violence.

China’s Supreme Court and Procuratorate has recommended that courts should no longer seek the death penalty in cases of domestic violence where men murder their wives in self-defense, Beijing Today reported Thursday.

The court's recommendation came as a reaction to a similar policy enacted in 2014 that removed capital punishment as a possible sentence in cases where wives had killed their husbands after prolonged abuse.

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