Meet the Principal: Meet K-12 Principal Ken Perkins of BIBS' New Shunyi campus

Tell us about yourself.
I am from Adelaide, South Australia. I lived in Beijing for 10 years (from 2002-2012), moved to Jakarta, Indonesia and am very much looking forward to returning to Beijing - a city I love and now call my second home. I am married to Catherine Corbo, also a teacher, and we have one daughter, Gabriella. She is currently completing her Masters of Environment at Melbourne University and is 23 years old. Gabi graduated from WAB in 2008 and is fluent in Mandarin.

Another Organic Option: Modernista Welcomes Farm to Neighbors Market Every Weekend

See those paper bags down there? Those were full of juicy organic peaches and nectarines from Haidian farmer, Mumu, and on Sunday July 27, you could take home a sack for just RMB 10. That was the deal at the new Farm To Neighbors market at Modernista and we were ecstatic. They promise similar steals every Sunday, alongside a special cocktail and brunch menu, a selection of vegetables, and a few special guests.

Health Guide 2014: Reach for the Stars - Five Chinese superfruits to put in your shopping basket

We all know we should eat more fruits, but which ones? Most fruits are low in calories and high in fiber, but some contain higher-than-average levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients to boost health and counteract the effects of aging.

In 2005, the marketing term “superfruit” was coined in the US to describe a fruit perceived to have health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Superfruits are usually brightly-colored, as this characteristic is associated with different kinds of antioxidants.

However, it’s also crucial to eat local. With its vast territory, China is endowed with a variety of native fruits, many of which are considered superfruits but may be relatively unknown to newcomers. Here’s a roundup of the more common ones.

We Will Rock You: Win Tickets to Midi Kids Summer Party

Music, food, family, and fun are to be the core features of this year’s Midi Kids Summer Party hosted by the Midi Kids art program in Yizhuang RH Central (in the Yizhuang economic development) on Saturday, August 2 from 11am-8.30pm. The day will also have various activities such as studying musical instruments, golf training, drawing graffiti, and arts & crafts. The event will be held indoors to avoid the scorching Beijing sun. beijingkids has four tickets to give away. Read on to find out how to score one of those tickets

Summer Camp 2014: Kicking it with Beijing Kickers

We recently paid a visit to Dulwich College Beijing (Legend Garden Campus) to observe the Beijing Kickers' wold cup-themed summer camp. On the day of our visit, we meet the campers outside in the school’s grassy soccer pitch. I am greeted by Ralf Minow, Co-Founder of Beijing Kickers. I watch the kids play while Minow fills me in on the camp and a little about the soccer club.

Ralf says that while Beijing Kickers focuses on age-appropriate techniques and teamwork, the purpose of the camp is also to be social. “We teach kids to work together starting at a young age. But our main goal is for the kids to make new friends and play together.”

Six of Beijing’s Prettiest Subway Stations (Part 2)

This is the second of a two-part series where I share photos of six uniquely-designed subway stations in Beijing. It is easy to zone out while using public transportation, but it is worth tuning back in to check out these murals and designs! See part 1 here.

Health Guide 2014: The Green Stuff - Buying organic in Beijing

China is rife with food scandals, so it’s no surprise that many families – both expat and local – are turning to organic products. The organic industry is still a fledgling one, but growing concerns over sustainability and environmental issues is pushing many Beijing residents to make the switch.

According to an October 2012 report by market research firm Mintel, 80 percent of urban Chinese think organic products are worth paying more for. “Some 56 percent of urban Chinese consumers claim to have upped their spend on organics,” says the report. The most popular products were fresh milk, cooking oil, pork, beef, and chicken.

Love is in the Air: Chinese Valentine’s Day Events in Beijing

Often referred to as Chinese Valentine’s Day, Qixi falls on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar, making it August 2 this year. The traditional festival celebrates the once-per-year meeting of the weaver girl and the cowherd in Chinese mythology, whose forbidden love had them banished to opposite sides of the sky. Read more about the myth here.

Luckily for lazy lovebirds, Qixi falls on a Saturday this year, so there is no excuse not to treat your significant other to a second Valentine’s blow out. Here are our pick of events around town (all events fall on August 2 unless otherwise stated).

Beijing Playhouse Summer Theatre Camp: A Sneak Peak at A Little Prince


Two Fridays ago, we headed to the British School of Beijing (Sanlitun Campus) for an exclusive look at Beijing Playhouse Academy of Performing Arts’ performance of “A Little Prince.” The cast, ages 6-14, shine in the heart warming interpretation of the popular play, all the while interjecting enough adult-friendly humor to entertain the grown-ups.

In Summary

The story of A Little Prince begins on Earth. We are first introduced to a character called the Pilot, a little girl who loves to draw, but the adults tell her to study something else. When her plane crashes in an African desert, she meets the Little Prince, his sister the Little Princess, and the pair’s cat and dog. They explain they come from a planet with only one flower and that they must return home to protect it. The five embark on a journey to several planets made up of different and rather accurate populations of adults.

Moggies of the Week: Meet Frisky, Whitey, and Lioness

There are hundreds of animals hoping to find loving homes in Beijing. If you are considering adopting a pet, Doggy/Moggy of the Week will feature animals from volunteer shelters, animal rescue groups, foster care providers, and pet owners needing to rehome animals. This week's moggies, Frisky, Whitey, and Lioness, are from ICVS' Adoptable Pets.

Names: Mom Frisky, and daughters Whitey and Lioness.

Sex and Age: Frisky the mother is about 4 years old. Both Whitey and Lioness are about 3 years old. All of the cats are female.

Personalities: Frisky is a laid back cat, always down for sleeping on your lap. Her favorite thing is to be scratched along her spine, from the base of her neck all the way down to the base of her tail - she gets so into it that she actually goes cross-eyed! She is very friendly and calm around strangers, but generally not a very active cat. She's a little chubby as a result, but the roundness really adds to her adorableness. Frisky is very close with Whitey so if possible I prefer for them to be re-homed together.

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