Beijing Playhouse Adds Additional Kids' Summer Theater Camp

Still searching for a fitting summer camp for your child? Beijing’s only English-language theater troupe, Beijing Playhouse is running an additional camp in addition to the four already on offer. The new camp runs July 27 to August 8 and, like all Beijing Playhouse kids theater camps, will end with a show on the last day of camp.  For their new camp, student actors will perform Pinocchio for friends and family on Saturday, August 8.

“We love exposing children to all facets of theater,” says Pinocchio director Jehanne Fima. “Students have so much fun that they don’t even know they’re learning."

Spotlight: Weekend in Wudaokou and Yuanmingyuan Park

At the northwest corner of Beijing lies both a historic and scenic gem: Yuanmingyuan Park. As another summer home to the emperors of the Qing dynasty, Yuanmingyuan spans across 350 acres of intricately designed landscapes, gazebos, and palaces, much of which were destroyed in the late 19th century by foreign invaders. The unfortunate story of the park contributes to its old-time charm: the restoration and reopening of the remains enable visitors to, quite literally, walk through history and see the rise and ruin of a dynasty first-hand.

Downtown Momma: Goodbye Sanyuanli, Hello Xiangheyuan

For my first post as a new parent blogger at beijingkids I thought I would pass on some helpful insider information on the place to get blueberries, and other amazing natural goodness, at rock bottom prices. For the last decade or so Sanyuanli has been the go-to “Chinese” market for fresh fish, exquisite veggies (bags of basil!), and whatnot for your Sunday night family-feasts, but let’s get honest for a second… its gotten expensive! It’s become the “local” market that all the laowai go to and the prices are up. Good news – I recently discovered a truly Chinese market where the prices are surprisingly low!

New Arrivals: Say Hello to Beijing's Smallest

Want to share your new arrival with our readers? Email a photo (at least 1MB in size) of your little one with their full name, nationality, birth date, hospital, and parents’ names to Due to space constraints, we will only publish photos of babies born in Beijing after November 1, 2014.

Chi Ziang
Chinese. Born on Jul 30 to Wang Wei and Chi Yi at Fuxing Hospital.

July Issue Now Available!

Another month bites the dust! So does half the year. Kicking off the second half of this magazine year is the water centric issue we put together. There are lists of places to cool down and have summer fun for both new comers and long term residents. Water scarcity in Beijing is very real and we feature non-governmental organization Thirst that's teaching kids the importance of water conservation. Find out what water sports and activities are readily available for different age groups. 

Congratulations Class of 2015: CISB Valedictorian Dares Fellow Graduates to Dream Big

On Tuesday, June 16 the Canadian International School of Beijing (CISB) celebrated their graduating class of 2015. CISB notes that of their 37 graduates, 20 students had averages above 80 percent, with four graduates reaching academic excellence with distinction, having averages above 90 percent.

Senior class leader, Wang W. had a class of average of 91.42 percent and received the prestigious Governor General’s Bronze Medallion for the highest academic standing in the graduation class during Grades 11 and 12. Wendy delivered the following valedictory address to her fellow graduates:

Shalimar - Pakistani and Indian Cuisine in Shunyi

Shalimar is a new restaurant that’s opened in Shunyi, serving up Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The menu is varied and features a range of traditional Pakistani dishes and some Indian classics. I decided to give their delivery service a go last weekend. The restaurant staff speaks English, which made the ordering process simple, and all of the food arrived quickly and still hot. The bombay aloo (RMB 38) consisted of chunks of well-cooked potato, coated with a rich sauce of tomatoes, peppers, and onions. The balance of spices, including cumin and garam masala, was just right.

Editor's Note: Fresh Water

Looking back on childhood summertimes it seems as though I was either jumping in the water, or it was falling on me. Ireland, my home country, is synonymous with rain and surrounded by the sea. I grew up outside a metropolis on the river Lee which the national census records as having 26 inhabitants. A five-hundred-year-old castle rests on a rock in the middle of the river. It’s the axis for the stone spans which give the village its name: Carrigadrohid, meaning “the rock of the bridge” in English.

Moggy of the Week: Meet Zhen

There are hundreds of animals hoping to find loving homes in Beijing. If you are considering adopting a pet, Doggy/Moggy of the Week will feature animals from volunteer shelters, animal rescue groups, foster care providers, and pet owners needing to rehome animals. This week's moggy, Zhen, is from ICVS' Adoptable Pets.

Introduction: Hi all! My name is Zhen (珍) because my foster mum knows that I am a real treasure.

Background: I was rescued from an air duct, where I was hiding. This experience left me frightened and not able to trust anyone. My foster mum has spent time nurturing me in a safe, peaceful environment where I have been able to develop into a socially confident, happy kitten. I'm now ready to meet my permanent, adoptive family.

Personality: I am a very intelligent, inquisitive kitten, exploring everywhere, constantly looking for new adventures. I love being cuddled and purr loudly in appreciation. I occupy myself for hours in my apartment. Everything is exciting and new. I also have a scratch pad which I love so I don't scratch the furniture, when I occasionally forget I quickly respond when I hear "Zhen no!" I love everything I'm offered to eat and I know exactly what to do with my litter box. I'm also quite happy to be brushed.

Help an Expat in Need - American Teacher Hospitalized with a Spine Injury

American expat, Jeremiah Gage has been hospitalized 11 days and counting after taking a fall off the Huangyaguan Great Wall in the early hours of Monday, June 22. Gage, 35, was attending a two-day live music event, Yin Yang Music Festival, when he slipped off an unlit portion of the wall and fell an estimated 3-4 meters (about 12-15 feet), landing squarely on a small boulder and fracturing his spine.

Gage, who is uninsured, was taken in an ambulance to three local hospitals but was turned away at each as they did not have beds available. He was finally admitted to Beijing Shuili Hospital located in West Beijing where tests revealed a severe fracture to his number 12 vertebra with a small portion of the vertebra pushing against his spinal cord. His doctors feared paralysis was a possibility and Gage underwent surgery. Titanium rods were inserted into his spine, which according to his doctors “will allow the broken bone tissue to heal.”  Though Gage’s operation was successful, another surgery will be necessary in a year and a half to remove the rods.

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