Starting Fresh: Air pollution policies at international schools


If you thought air pollution was the only thing to worry about in Beijing, think again. Indoor pollutants, it turns out, may also be having an effect on your health.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies from the US found that the levels of indoor pollutants may be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels depending on the design and age of the building, location (urban or rural), outdoor AQI, and building materials used. These studies are used as a baseline by environmentalists worldwide, as the EPA sets out healthy limits for commercial and private spaces. Other studies have ranked indoor air pollution among the top four public environmental health risks.

Family Travels: The Rising Sun - The Stewarts Nippon over to Japan

Travelers: Robyn and Leonard Stewart and their sons Hamilton (age 6) and Isaiah (5), who attend the International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB).
Destinations: Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan
Travel dates: August 2014
Travel plans: The Stewart family flew from Beijing to Tokyo Narita Airpot with JAL (Japan Airlines). They stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station in Tokyo and the New
Miyako Hotel in Kyoto. They used BCD travel agency to book their airline tickets and hotel.
Cost: Flights cost RMB 17,000 and tickets on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto were RMB 4,000. Hotel rooms came to
RMB 8,400, tours were RMB 3,600, and food was RMB 4,800.

2015 School Choice Focus: Eduwings Kindergarten 金翼德懿幼儿园

In anticipation of the Beijing International School Expo today and tomorrow, we will be highlighting local and international schools around Beijing from our newly released 2015-2016 beijingkids School Choice Guide.

Eduwings is a German international kindergarten for German-speaking, English-speaking, and Chinese-speaking children. Following a German kindergarten curriculum, students are put it in small groups with native-speaking teachers for an enjoyable learning experience. Alumni have gone on to attend local Chinese schools as well as various international schools such as the German Embassy School, British School of Beijing, International School of Beijing. Eduwings has two campuses in Shunyi and Haidian.

2015 School Choice Focus: Children’s International Bilingual Academy (CIBA) 爱嘉励儿童双语培训学校

In anticipation of the Beijing International School Expo today and tomorrow, we will be highlighting local and international schools around Beijing from our newly released 2015-2016 beijingkids School Choice Guide.

The Children’s International Bilingual Academy (formerly known as the Children’s Learning Center of Beijing) has served the Chinese and expat communities in Shunyi for over a decade. CIBA uses an integrated international curriculum based on American and British national standards. The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) guide the planning, implementation, and reflection of learning programs that meet all children’s needs. Both frameworks have strong emphasis on play-based learning, as play is a necessary tool in young children’s learning and brain development. The framework also emphasizes communication and language learning through early literacy, numeracy, and social and emotional development CIBA also uses the Chinese Thematic Curriculum.

How Do I Choose a School for My Child? Taking your first steps towards answering the million-dollar question

One of the perennial questions we get from readers and families moving to Beijing is "How do I choose a school for my kids?" It's a huge, tangled, and often emotional topic, provoking heated debate on parenting forums like Beijing Mamas. If there's one thing we learned while researching this article, it's that the reasons are varied, complex, and deeply personal.

Playing Inside: Core Values - Isofit Beijing introduces Pilates program for kids and teens

On the surface, Isofit Beijing looks much like any other fancy Pilates studio in Beijing. It’s outfitted in soothing shades of cream and avocado green, with pots of white and purple orchids peppering the rooms and hallways. I’m here to sit in on a Pilates class with members of the International School of Beijing’s swim team, one of the first groups to take Isofit’s newly-launched Pilates program for kids and teens.

Founder and Head Instructor Lili Schloss, 51, is a petite woman with a warm smile, short hair, and flawless posture. Within a few minutes of our conversation, it’s clear that she is very passionate about Pilates and helping her students achieve their health goals. Schloss never strays too far from teacher mode, even as we have lunch at the LMPlus around the corner.

2015 School Choice Focus: Children’s House Montessori Kindergarten 巧智博仁国际幼儿园

In anticipation of the Beijing International School Expo happening today and tomorrow, we will be highlighting local and international schools around Beijing from our newly released 2015-2016 beijingkids School Choice Guide.

The Children’s House Montessori Kindergarten was the first Montessori kindergarten in Beijing. It opened its doors at the China World Trade Center in 1992 and today caters to more than 350 children. There are currently three international campuses and one bilingual campus in Beijing. All employ dedicated staff with the aim to achieve love, growth and peace amongst our future generations. The school’s philosophy is based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, and the kindergarten is dedicated to allowing each of its children to develop themselves. It encourages self-motivation and independent learning so that each child will solve problems, define what is important to them, assume responsibilities and continue to learn and grow. The Children’s House’s aim is to develop a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge that will stay with children for life.

2015 School Choice Focus: Bonita International Kindergarten 邦尼国际幼儿园

In anticipation of the Beijing International School Expo on January 24-25, we will be highlighting local and international schools around Beijing from our newly released 2015-2016 beijingkids School Choice Guide.

Bonita’s philosophy is based on a new type of multicultural education, drawing from the best of different cultures to foster children’s development. The students are supervised by teachers from different countries; various activities are organized during the week while respecting the children’s individual routines and rhythms. The school caters to ages 1-6, with students divided according to ages and abilities. The main curriculum is based on a French pedagogical program.

Last Look: The Final List of BISE 2015 Exhibitors

The Beijing International School Expo 2015 is sponsored by HealthPro.

Just one more day until the Beijing International School Expo at Kerry Hotel! Here's a final look at the nearly 50 schools, education consultancies, summer camps, and learning centers that will be there this weekend. In addition, the Kerry Hotel is offering special food promotions for the event (details after the jump). The beijingkids editors will also be working the information booth this weekend (you can spot us in blue t-shirts); come up and say hi!

Food For Thought: I Don’t Think You’re Ready for this Jelly - Caroline Nath’s jam is su-pear

Editor's Note: Caroline Nath speaks on The Challenges of Raising Multi-Cultural Kids at the our Beijing International School Expo this Sunday (Jan 25) at 10:30am.

Radio personality, Parent Effectiveness Trainer, documentary filmmaker, and – more recently – jam maker, Caroline Nath is a consummate multi-tasker. She’s also a mother-of-two; her daughter Shanti Lu-Nath (age 15) attends the Western Academy of Beijing while her son Omi Lu-Nath (11) goes to the French International School of Beijing.

“My long-term goal is to write a book,” she says, “Basically the story of my multiculturalism. I’m French-Indian. I grew up in the US, France, and India. I’ve been in China for over 25 years and my children’s father is Chinese. When making documentaries, I travel all over China so there are lots of stories that I’ve compiled on the interactions between western and Chinese culture.”

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