Let's Go Vertical Playground Pops Up at Tunsanli Mall

I was walking through Tunsanli Mall yesterday when I noticed a new play structure on the ground floor atrium just south of Watson's. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be the latest addition in the Let's Go chain of vertical obstacle courses.

Real or Fake? How to Tell the Real Note from the Fake One

Last week, my colleague got a RMB 10 fake note, which he passed it off to me. I told him it was fake and he looked dumbstruck. He wasn't puzzled by the fact that it was fake but the fact that it was a lesser valued note. The scary part is we rarely pay attention to these notes when we get handed back from paying the taxi, xiaomaibu, and others.

After getting five fake RMB 100 notes, I became more aware on what to look for in the 100s. The smaller denomination notes such as RMB 20, RMB 10, and the rest do follow the same principles. To avoid the discerning look when paying with a fake note from the shop attendants or your friends here are tips on how to tell a fake note fast. More after the jump  

Shunyi Happenings: Sports Beijing Festival of Sport, Roundabout Book Fair, Shout! Rock Choir

Sports Beijing Festival of Sport
On Saturday, August 22 from 10am-3pm Sports Beijing will be hosting their bi-annual Festival of Sport. The event will be held at the International School of Beijing (ISB) Fusion Indoor Dome. New and returning members aged four years and over, will be able to register for Sports Beijing's fall 2015 activities. With over 20 activities to choose from, parents will have the chance to talk to the coaches, while kids can try out sports such as basketball, soccer, kungfu, rugby, karate, and street dance.

The Roundtable: Holding Water - British School of Beijing Shunyi students weigh in on water issues

Though food scandals tend to take center stage in China, the water crisis in Beijing arguably has more serious implications. We spoke to four students from the British School of Beijing Shunyi to find out their thoughts on the Beijing’s most precious resource and about what we can all do to spread the word about water conservation.

Beijing Kaleidoscope: Huazi An's Place of Self Awareness

In a city with millions of inhabitants, it’s easy to get lost in the vast numbers and forget that those numbers relate to people. Beijing's a melting pot of cultures influenced by people from far and near. The Beijing Kaleidoscope series gives you a snippet in to the lives of both expats and locals to show their diverse perspective on the city they call home.

The third Beijing resident we're going to spotlight is another Heilong native Huazi An, owner of a Japanese restaurant on the second floor above the Pingjia Market, Wangjing. She’s lived in Beijing with her son’s family for ten years. Due to the large number of Korean customers coming to her restaurant, she is bilingual speaking both Chinese and Korean. Her views on Beijing contain traces of her business life.

Beijing to Implement 'Odd-Even' Car Limitations August 20 through September 3

Expect a lot more blue sky days like today because automobile usage restrictions are going into effect beginning August 20, according to the Xinhua News Agency.

Beijing drivers will be required to adhere to the "odd-even" restrictions from Monday through Friday, a measure that we believe should be adopted permanently. It not only reduces traffic congestion, but also has a very positive effect on air quality in the city.

This method was first used during the 2008 Olympics, and has more recently been implemented during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in November 2014, which, coupled with factory furloughs, produced "APEC blue" skies, which may end up being that event's legacy.

Downtown Momma: A Summer Day in Sanlitun

It is finally a cool(ish) summer day. The sky is clear and beautiful and you are wondering how to best spend the day outdoors in your hood with your little ones. I have put together a simple itinerary, often repeated by many of Sanlitun’s moms. It will make the day, fun, memorable, and super summery.

Schooled: Water Fight - Beijing international school students combat water issues

For this month’s water-themed issue, we spoke to students committed to preserving aquatic ecologies and highlighting water conservation; from protecting coral reefs to dive clean ups and the world water crisis, these inspiring students are helping spread the message that the liquid resources on our planet are, indeed, finite. Each one of these students is an inspiration; taking time to investigate issues they’re passionate about, engage in in-depth inquiry and research, and take action in their school, their local community, and even the world.

August Issue Now Out!

Among one of the top reasons most people come to China is the rich history that seeps from every province in the country; Beijing is at the top of the list with places like the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, historical residences, and more.

In our August issue, we asked some of the city's tour experts to give a sneak peak at some of their walking tours. Schools are back in session this month as well as those dreaded routines, so find out how families can be better equipped to cope with transitioning from holiday mode to class ready. We compiled a list of the places where you can get stationery to really hit it home that holiday is over.

Easing New School Jitters - Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for a New School Environment

Whether your kids are new to Beijing or even if the kids are just changing to a new class, the start of a school can be an intimidating time for kids. Parenting.com offers these 10 tips below to parents on preparing your child for a new school atmosphere.

1. Let your child know what his schedule will be like. Tell him what time school begins and ends each day.

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