Stay an App Ahead: Bug Mazing – Adventures in Learning Review


This app is mainly for preschoolers as it covers tracing lines, matching colors, recalling the alphabet order and counting. Little Bit Studio develops Bug Mazing to a fun with colorful thematic graphics app meant to grab and hold the attention of young kids. The developers are veterans in making fun education based apps for young children and their latest addition does not disappoint.

Big Kids: Moms Talk First Day of School (Part 2)

With the first month of school coming to an end, we talk to moms about their sons and daughters experience coming to school for the first time. We spoke to International School of Beijing (ISB) mom Elizabeth Hardage about her daughter Olivia's first day of school. To see the first blog of the series, click here.

Was your daughter scared to come to school? Tell us about the experience. 
She was super excited to go to school. She missed being around friends and kids her own age this summer. Additionally, we attended Meet the Teacher Day at ISB so this helped tremendously in getting her ready and excited for the first day. So, I would say she was not scared to come to school.

Mediterranean Delights

A new Mediterranean restaurant has opened up in Shunyi, close to Capital Paradise. It’s a large restaurant, with an appealing décor; lots of dark leather sofas, contrasting with rich olive chair covers, and purple drapes.  There’s a lot of seating available, both inside and out, with a large terrace to the front and along one side of the restaurant. The restaurant has a good ambience, and is perfect for a relaxing lunch or a dinner out with friends and family.

The menu is authentically Mediterranean, with plenty of grilled meats, a wide choice of traditional Greek and Turkish dishes, and some great fish and salad options. There is a children’s menu available, which includes pasta bolognese, salmon with dill, chicken or lamb couscous, margarita pizza, and a meat kefta, all served with a fresh salad.

Echo Chamber: Throw like a Girl - Unzipping gender roles, one generation at a time

My grandmother was the one who taught my uncle to throw a football. This is a recycled story; it’s been told far too many times in my family – especially by my grandmother herself, who started repeating her stories many years ago.

This story is of the single-line variety, but it acts like a zipper opening
onto a larger scene. Picture a woman in the late 1950s with a tight sweater, conical breasts, perhaps a silk scarf tied loosely over her curler-fixed hairdo, slim-fitting pants, and a football poised perfectly atop a crooked arm. A little boy waits across the yard, legs apart, knees bent. He is grounded and ready, eyes dancing.

What's New Restaurants: Umassif Bakery in CBD

Located in Shangdu Soho, new bakery Umassif plays to the cosmopolitan tastes of the well-healed CBD crowd with a dazzling array of breads combining global flavors. Although Umassif initially seems more in the style of a Chinese bakery – you select the breads yourself, piling them high on a tray, before taking them to the counter to be packaged – the sleek modern industrial décor and hardwood tables give away their global ambitions.

Culture or Gender?


It’s been awhile since I wrote for this blog. There’s reasons for that, but the primary one is this: I’ve spent the past eight months or so fantasizing about changing the blog name to: “Queer Girl Gets Divorced.” Seriously.

It’s not that I don’t love the guy–in fact, that’s part of the problem. If I didn’t love him, divorce would be easy! It’s that our relationship has been so strained since the birth of baby #2 that I haven’t had almost anything nice to say about it, let alone write about it.

Upcoming BJU Workshop Will Cover Health in Beijing

As most expats know, Beijing living can be both an exciting and sometimes difficult adventure whether living in the suburbs of Shunyi or bustling downtown. Here in the capital, we are fortunate to have international hospitals on hand to answer our health questions as well as prepare and inform the community on how to handle the more difficult times, whether dealing with a more serious illness, injury, or just the common cold. Many international hospitals even offer workshops led by specialists on varying health topics. Next week, Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) will hold a free workshop open to the whole Beijing community.

Growing Knowledge

I have several friends whose children attend the House of Knowledge (HoK) International School, at the Quanfa Campus. I hear many positives things; about the facilities, the teaching staff, and the diverse range of after school activities offered. From September this year, a new Elementary program was introduced at their Quanfa campus. I was interested to find out more about the school and the curriculum on offer.

According to its co-founder Mr Danicek, “HoK believes that tomorrow’s leaders need an excellent foundation, cultivated in an environment that is both caring and challenging.” The school focuses on five key competencies – personal, social, material, cognitive, and competence in learning methods. HoK believes that a child must first develop these competencies. By having a solid foundation, students will more confidently develop subsequent learning and skills; including music, art, science, mathematics, and language.

There's Something Sciencey Going On: 4th Beijing Science Festival Kicks Off

The Olympic Green Park is this year's venue for the 4th Beijing Science Festival taking place from September 18-22. The festival is organized by the Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) and kicked off the festival last night with a gala. This year's theme, "innovation and development, and popular participation," will feature over 10 countries taking part and hundreds of organizations having interactive booths for children to partake in various "explosive" experiments.

Talking Travel: Top Ten Reasons You Should Never Fly to Shanghai Again

Having just completed a 48-hour trip to Shanghai – traveling by high-speed train down and by air on return – I am now forever swearing off plane travel on all routes where travel by high-speed train is possible. There is just no reason to suffer the primitive, cattle-like treatment offered during a typical air trip anymore when making a trip to Shanghai now that the speed train exists. A typical high speed train trip will take 5-1/2 hours, but with the standard delays (and the fact that you've got to turn up an hour early to catch a plane), the plane is going to take you nearly four – and with twice the aggravation.

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