Doggies of the Week: Still Up for Adoption-Chewey

There are hundreds of animals hoping to find loving homes in Beijing. If you are considering adopting a pet, Doggy/Moggy of the Week will feature animals from volunteer shelters, animal rescue groups, foster care providers, and pet owners needing to rehome animals. This week's doggy is Chewey, , from ICVS' Adoptable Pets

Chewey was first featured on the Doggy of the Week blog in June. Here is a short recap of the dog's information:

Name: Hi Everyone! My name is Chewey

Parenting a High School Senior

First  Term of Senior Year:
At this time of year students are already under much pressure, particularly if they have to combine college applications deadlines on top of all the IB homework. There are tears, sleepless nights, angry outbursts, discouragement, exhaustion, mood swings, and soooo much more to do.  It is sometimes difficult for parents to find the right balance between being supportive and nagging and we often feel a little confused in our desire to help.

Talking Travel: The Golden Rule of Flying

Our previous edition teased it, and we actually mentioned the whole thing back in April, but this time around we will address the entire statement.

The golden rule of flying is: Don't trust airlines to entertain you or feed you. Why? Because they suck at it.

It's simple. When you go to the movies, they may serve food, but it isn't great food. You may go to a restaurant, but any entertainment is merely a distraction, and usually it's from food that may not be great. Airlines should be great at one thing: carrying passengers from place to place, on time, for a reasonable price.

Hope International School Moves to Crab Island

Last Friday, we attended the grand opening of Hope International School (HIS) at their new Crab Island location. The first floor of the new campus has been completely renovated and includes a full reconstruction of a small courtyard. Hope also created a playground for the main entrance to the school. In addition, the new campus boasts an Olympic size swimming pool, a full size soccer pitch, a bowling alley, badminton courts, and a gymnasium.

Beijing Bucket List: The Family Edition (Part 2)

Most bucket lists tend to be geared towards the individual, but why keep all the fun to yourself when could share it with your family? The second part of this two-part blog post will detail five more outings and activities that I think are unique to Beijing and can be adapted to include people of different ages. Check out the first part of the series here.

Spicy Delights in Shunyi


The Indian curry is such a British favorite, the UK celebrates National Curry Week and has adopted curry as a "national dish", with more than 9,000 Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi restaurants and the creation of British-Asian dishes, such as chicken tikka masala. Like many great dishes, the exact origins of chicken tikka masala is a subject of spicy debate, and it’s unlikely we will ever be entirely certain as to who first came up with the idea of smothering tandoori chicken in a rich, tomato gravy.

Some describe chicken tikka masala as meek and mild, a creamily inoffensive curry. But done well, chicken tikka masala is absolutely delicious, and a decent curry is one of the things I miss most about the UK. I could try and cook it myself, but with only one Indian spice shop near Sanlitun Village South, it’s a feat in itself finding all the ingredients. I also don’t own a wood or charcoal-fired tandoor (clay or metal oven) in which to cook the chicken.

Maker's Corner: Freshly-Minted - Sophie Nivet-Zeng adds flair to garments with screen printing

Now in her second year in Beijing, French native Sophie Nivet-Zeng teaches visual arts and comic book classes at Atelier for children aged 4 to 15 years old. After studying art in France and Scotland, she was drawn to screen printing for its versatility in the making of posters. “Many people would say that, in the act of painting, the gesture is very important,” she says. “But I also think that in the art of printing, the important part in the routine is the gesture.” For the clothing issue, Nivet-Zeng shows us how to use simple paper stencils and the screen printing technique to make a vintage-inspired t-shirt.

List of Exhibitors for the 2014 Family Health Fair (Part 1)

With less than three weeks from the first ever beijingkids and Jingkids 2014 Family Health Fair, we will be rolling out lists of exhibitors who will be taking part. The fair will be held at the Swissôtel Beijing Hong Kong Macau Center on September 14 from 9.30am-4.30pm. Information on air and water filters, organic goods, Tradtional Chinese Medicine (TCM), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charities, international hospitals, natural health, and beauty products will be on hand. Read on to see the complete first round list of the exhibitors.

Natural Fashion for Grown-Ups: NEEMIC Launches New Line

Last Friday, organic fashion brand NEEMIC launched their new fall/winter collection on a rooftop at Meridian Space. The collection, “Afternoon,” is made up of creams, mochas, muted charcoals and grays in soft draping materials from silk to alpaca and mohair. As the collection’s name suggests, “Afternoon” evokes a wearer out on a casual afternoon and also offers a classic appeal and style suitable for women of all ages. Oversized pieces dominate the line with floor length coats, robes, and luminescent silky tops and dresses. Our favorite piece was a sesame-colored mohair and wooly knit coat with large pockets and wide sleeves.

LAYman's Chronicles: Summertime, and the Tie-Dye is Easy

Given a bit of spare time and some art supplies, there is no telling what my daughter might decide to make. Naturally, summer provides a wealth of creative opportunities as long as I can keep the supplies of paper, glue, and whatnot coming. While visiting a craft store in the USA, Reina found a tie-dye kit and we agreed to try it once we got back to Beijing. I figured it was time since she was already taking wet wipes and showing her friends how to dye them using markers.

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