Chinese Parents: 82% Say Child Safety Seats are Necessary; Less Than 20% Use Them

While the vast majority of Chinese parents agree on the necessity of using child safety seats in their cars, fewer than 20% of them have actually used them, according to a recent poll.

The survey was conducted by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, which talked to 4,375 parents with children under 13 in Beijing and four other cities (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jinan and Chongqing).

Survey results indicate that only 19.7 percent of respondents had ever used safety seats at all.

Usage rates in central Beijing are higher than the overall poll average, though still only 28% report using them.

Celebrate With an Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cakes are the perfect cake for any celebration, but especially so in summer. Popular as Birthday and wedding cakes in the US and Australia, ice cream cakes are less well known in Europe. Their popularity is growing in China, with many ice cream stores now selling cakes and offering a custom made cake service. An ice cream cake can be just ice cream, layered with sponge, and some are wrapped in a thick coating of chocolate. Whipped cream is good as a topping, unlike buttercream it adheres well to frozen cake. Toppings can be sprinkles, cookies, chocolates, fruit, nuts, anything goes. Just be sure to eat it fast before it melts. Here are a few suggestions on where to pick up a cool ice cream cake.

HRG 2015: Help! I Need Somebody - Hiring an ayi and a driver in Beijing

Affordable domestic help is one of the luxuries of expat life in China. Whether you need a driver or someone to help with childcare and household chores like cooking and cleaning, domestic help will make life easier. As your employees, they will help you and your family to navigate some of the more challenging aspects of living in Beijing. When it comes to dealing with maintenance guys, tracking down missing parcels, or sourcing produce you just can’t find in your local store, they’ll prove invaluable during this period of transition.

Changing the Subject? Exercising Caution in Biomedical Research


Utilitarianism is an economic ideal - you spend a minimum to obtain a maximum. Human subject research follows the same principle, as individuals are constantly utilized for advancing knowledge and technology and essentially benefiting millions, if not billions of people. These human subjects, however, are prone to irreversible and fatal consequences throughout the research process. Human subject research poses a great dilemma: should we sacrifice human ethics for potential medical development, or should we protect all individuals and halt scientific advancement?

CISB Raises over RMB 116,000 in Support for Nepal

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal last month, Canadian International School of Beijing teachers and students’ first instinct was to help. CISB teachers and volunteers came up with ideas to organize multiple school-wide fundraising events with all proceeds going to aid the Nepalese. From elementary students selling lemonade and community food donations to a teachers’ triathlon and an over night fundraiser with approximately 120 middle and high school students in attendance, the school raised more than RMB 116,000.

LAYman's Chronicles: The Global Reach of Childhood Friendship

When I was a kid, it was a pretty big deal to have a pen pal. It might be someone from a different town or state, but if a kid was lucky, they could exchange correspondence with someone in a foreign land. For me, that foreign place was San Francisco, California. There I had an irregular exchange of cards and notes with our family friend, Mr. Gary.
Mr. Gary was the next best thing to having friends around the globe because Mr. Gary was a global traveler and a world-class lover of posting mail. We received postcards and greetings from Mr. Gary on his travels around Europe when I was a kid, and as time passed, he started exploring Asia and the rest of the planet too. To this day, I credit him for fueling my own globetrotting lifestyle.

HRG 2015: Geared Up - Where to go for all things baby

Having a baby is an exciting time, but being away from home can make the experience feel overwhelming. With concerns that range from finding a pediatrician to getting baby to sleep through the night, the last thing new parents need to worry about is being able to find quality products. Fortunately, there are many options in Beijing. We outline a few of our favorite shops so new parents can spend more time on what really matters – like when they can fit in a nap!

Look for Prices to Drop on Imported Diapers, Skin Care Products, Clothes and Shoes


Expect prices on imported diapers, cosmetics, clothes and shoes to drop next month as the Ministry of Finance will slash import taxes on a number of imported goods categories June 1 in a boost to stimulate domestic consumption.

The ministry is specifically targeting local Chinese consumers, many of whom make massive purchases while traveling abroad to avoid the locall prices inflated due to heavy import taxes.

Here's a chart of the categories that are having their import taxes slashed:

Though the policy takes effect June 1, there's no word if and when the savings will be passed on to consumers.

To University and Beyond

Sponsored by Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) –YCIS Beijing is has a long history of academic achievement with five educational accreditations and a award from Cambridge International Examinations. YCIS Beijing is registered as a school for children of foreign nationals offering international education for students in kindergarten through to Year 13 and graduation to university. For more information, please email:

For most students in their final years at school, the main goal is to obtain a university offer in the knowledge that the following year they will be embarking on the journey to achieving a degree. However, there are so many aspects that need to be addressed in order to get the best out of your university years and eventual careers and it doesn’t start when you arrive on campus for your orientation day. The path to an accomplished university experience begins long before a university application has been completed.

Shunyi Happenings: Sew Gorgeous Summer Products, Summer Fayre, Children’s Day, Taekwondo for Kids, Adult Fitness Classes

If you’re looking for gift ideas, for friends and relatives back home, Sew Gorgeous will have a stall at this weekend’s BSB Summer Fayre, showcasing their new range of products. Children’s Day has a long and honorable history. Established in 1954, to protect children working long hours in dangerous circumstances and allow all children access to an education. In China, Children’s Day is celebrated on June 1 and this year Green T. House will be marking the event with some fun activities and a special menu for children. Human in Motion studio is launching a new Taekwondo program just for kids. This form of martial art develops athletic abilities, self-awareness, discipline, and self-protection. There are also plenty of adult classes and programs at the studio, to get you in shape for the summer.

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