The Tree, Gung Ho! Meet for All the Marbles in the Beijinger's 2014 Pizza Cup

The Tree, one of Beijing's longest-running bars whose credentials have been built on its winning combination of wood-fired pizza and Belgian beers, faces off against our previous Pizza Cup runner-up, pizza maestros Gung Ho! in the final match of the 2014 Pizza Cup.

The Natural Path - Not So Sweet After All


This month, we’re focusing on birthdays – an excellent opportunity to talk about sugar. Sugar may appear innocent and sweet, but it has a dark side that isn’t talked about very often. Based on the points below, I propose banishing sugar outright.

Planning Your Maos: Getting an Insurance Policy as an Expat

Recently I have been asked by a lot of families in Beijing about life insurance. Maybe my article two months ago on wills and trusts got people thinking, or more likely it’s the pollution and crazy Beijing roads.

Regardless of what it is in life which makes people inquire about life insurance, there should be only one key driver….’if I were to die tomorrow what would happen to my family and loved ones.’

New CBD Dining Options: Blue Frog Open in Ocean International, Pak Pak to Soft Open Monday

Ocean International, the non-descript complex south of Central Park and East of The Place, has seen quite the pick up in dining options lately, with the opening of a Blue Frog and, very soon, the first downtown branch of Wangjing-based Thai restaurant Pak Pak.

Health: What's All the Fuss About? - Dealing with toddler food battles

If your child is currently going through a fussy eating phase, mealtimes can often feel like a battle. They may be refuse to eat certain foods, show a lack of interest in food, eat particularly slowly, or have a reduced appetite.

Many studies suggest that young children require a minimum of ten exposures to a new food before they accept it. Introducing them to a wide variety of flavors and textures between the ages of 6 and 9 months will broaden their culinary horizons and reduce the likelihood of fussy eating later on.

CNY Getaway: The Hutong's Cycling in Yunnan Trip

In the beijingkids October issue, we featured ten destinations that should be considered for the Chunijie holidays that are fast approaching. There's a new option to consider for those looking for a sporty holiday- The Hutong's Cycling in Yunnan from February 14-22. This cycling trip is usually in scheduled for the October holidays (Golden Week) where travelers will bike 385km in the southern region of Yunnan, Xishuangbanna.

The Old College Try: What’s Scary?

With Halloween over, one would think that there is nothing left to be afraid of. Yet despite the passing of the holiday of eerie ghosts and goblins, there is a residual effect of these specters. Now you may have packed away the costume, or may not believed in creatures from the dead roaming the planet, but I will tell you some scary things. Sadly, they are about living human behavior.

In my most recent posts, I have been talking about the devastating effects of the cheating scandal emanating out of Thailand by a Chinese student and the subsequent  cheaters at other centers in Asia. My last post about plagiarism discussed, as well, the truly scary and illegal practice of copying and using someone else’s work as one’s own. While plagiarism and cheating are manifestations of oneself gone awry, there is, at the heart of this behavior, something fundamentally freakish.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Shunyi

Celebrate Thanksgiving with a duck rather than a turkey this year. GREEN T. HOUSE has a fantastic menu available, for both lunch and dinner on Thursday, November 27. The celebrations begin with their signature cocktails, followed by home-made mantou, fennel dumplings, and a red tomato soup or chestnut truffle cappuccino. For main course there will be jasmine tea roasted Beijing duck, wasabi prawns, miso roasted black cod, and roasted lamb, served alongside greens, and creamy doufu risotto. For dessert you have a choice of earl grey pumpkin pie, or chocolate fudge brownies. RMB 488 per person, minimum of four people, plus 15% service charge. To book you table contact 6434 2519,

Features: Birthday Planning 101 - Advice on budgets, venues, gift-giving, and etiquette (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two-part feature. For part one, click here.

When planning a birthday party, consider what else is going on around that time; your child will be very disappointed if it clashes with other events and their friends can’t attend. Check school holidays, social events, and other parties happening on the same time.

Invitations should be sent out three to four weeks before the event and indicate whether you’d like the parents to stay and whether siblings are also invited. Ask to be informed of any dietary requirements the invitees might have.

Tough Love: Tougher Punshiment for Production and Sale of Fake Prescription Drugs

A point of concern for most families is the availability of genuine drugs to help treat simple ailments or get a prescription filled. There have been several drugs scandals in the past that has made both locals and foreigners  skeptical of the drugs being sold. As a result, the judiciary on Tuesday said that they will hand out tougher sentences for the production and sale of fake and substandard drugs according to a report by the China Daily.

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