Harrow’s Autumn Fair

On Saturday, October 18, Harrow International School celebrated their annual autumn fair, bringing in over 2,000 attendees for the day’s festivities. Organized by a committee of Friends of Harrow, (similar to PTA in other schools) the autumn fair saw an unprecedented turnout of over 2,000 attendees. More than 200 volunteered for the event, many acting as food vendors. Korean, Indian, Chinese, and Thai food were among the international food options available.

What and How: Delving into a Financial Trust


Most of us will have considered what we want to happen to our assets when we die. We may have decided to leave them to our spouse, our children or perhaps a charity close to our hearts. And it’s likely that most of us have written a will to ensure our wishes are taken into account once we’re gone.

But there’s another option worth considering. More and more people are setting up trusts in order to have greater control over their assets – and, contrary to popular belief, these aren’t as complicated as they may seem.

Online Books at Wordery

I love reading. Whether its books, magazines, newspapers, even brochures, I just love to read. Some books I will download, but I do prefer to get my hands on a proper book, one that’s made of paper. A real book you can keep and pass around to friends, family, or donate to a book fair, so that someone else can enjoy it too. My kids are passionate about books, and with both of them learning to read, it is so important they are exposed to a wide range of reading material, picture books, and information books. My son’s favorite books are the Usborne “See Inside” series, and his growing collection already includes Your Body, Planet Earth, Inventions, and Pirate Ships. Beijing has a number of bookstores to choose from, including Page One, The Bookworm, and Beijing Star Kids Children’s Bookstore, but not every title is available, and you pay a premium price. That’s why online bookstores are so appealing, and for me you can’t beat Wordery.com.

Alternate Routes: Gold Mine - One mother’s secret weapon for hassle-free traveling

“Hey, everybody – we’re in Hong Kong!” yelled my then 2-year-old son as we deplaned, looking around wildly to see what this Hong Kong might look like.

I chased him down the jetway, saying ”No, Myles. Remember? We’re in Chicago. We just saw Chicago from the air and I pointed it out to you.” I reminded him of the sequence of events for the day, which began with flying from Pittsburgh, changing planes here in Chicago, then landing in Hong Kong many, many hours later.

A Growing Legacy: YCIS and WAB Roots & Shoots Projects

As this year’s Roots & Shoots International School Summit draws closer, the summit offers a great opportunity for students to engage with their mentor, Dr. Jane Goodall in person.

The blogs from the last couple of weeks focused on the projects of the Beijing City International School and the International School of Beijing Roots & Shoots groups.

This week’s blog spotlights Yew Chung International School (YCIS) Roots &Shoots Group and the host school, Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) Roots & Shoots Group.

Harrow Welcomes Prince Andrew for 10th Anniversary

Last Friday, we had the chance to attend Harrow International School to celebrate the school's 10th Anniversary in Beijing. His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, Duke of York attended and spoke at the event. Kicking off the ceremony, Harrow’s choir entertains the crowd while Prince Andrew visits classrooms. The choir begins with a humorous melody about a “bachelor hippo trying to find love”  followed by the school’s anthem Follow Up, a song about life at school and what it will be like in forty years when students return to their former school.

LAYman's Chronicles: When it Comes to LEGO, the Knockoffs Don’t Stack Up


Maybe it is my age, or fate, or a strange coincidence, but here in Beijing, I’ve met some ardent admirers of Lego bricks. Scratch that, these guys are borderline fanatics. As one friend explained it too me, “There is something satisfying about building things out of Lego.” Then he berated me for calling them Legos. Oh the shame.

Most of these Lego fans are men, though I know a slew of kids who love them too, but it is the guys who got me thinking about purchasing one of those large sets for myself. Still, I wasn’t ready to drop what seemed like a small fortune on a box of plastic bricks, so I opted for a knockoff set instead.

Beijing Baba: Victory Lap - Beijing baba’s sense of adventure remains unchanged, but his energy levels do not

I love to travel – always have, always will. Some of my earliest memories are of a road trip my family and I took when I was 5 to an International Baha’i Conference. We drove from southern Oregon to Chicago and back again.

The memories are fragmented, but I recall eating endless club sandwiches, staying at a Holiday Inn with three huge indoor swimming pools, seeing a diver plunge into a pool at a Mexican restaurant, and witnessing my first Boeing 747 at O’Hare International Airport. Somehow, my parents managed to retain their sanity on the trip despite driving over 6,000km with three boys and no air conditioning.

Sunny Tour Offers a New Ten-Day Nepal Trip Made Just for Teens

Is your teen itching to travel during winter break? Consider a unique ten-day tour of Nepal (December 20-29) tailored especially for teens between the ages of 12 and 15. Operated by Korean company Sunny Tour, the trip is open to any Beijing-based student who speaks English or Korean. The trip costs RMB 6,000 per person plus airfare. The RMB 6,000 includes bus transportation, accommodations, meals, lectures, trekking-related expenses, guide fees, and porter fees. Airfare is expected to cost around RMB 5,000.

Get Shopping: Antonia Sampson Jewelry Designs’ Open House

Beijing based British jeweler and mom, Antonia Sampson, will be having a 50% discount on her Summer 2014 collection at an open house hosted by Alexandra van der Loo at Central Park on Thursday, October 30 from 10am-6pm. As we head to the Christmas and Charity bazaars season, getting a head start on getting gifts for friends and family before the rush.

Sampson will be on hand to help pick out something for moms, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, and nanas from her Chinese inspired pieces made from sterling silver, nickel free materials, and semi precious stones such as hematite, agate, loose pearls, and others.

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