Yunnan- Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek

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Yunnan is one of the most colorful and scenic regions in China. The landscape is extremely varied - from the luxuriant fertile plains to rugged Tibetan highland. This area is home to most of China’s colorful ethnic minorities.

The gorge’s namesake, Tiger Leaping Gorge, is derived from a legend about a tiger that jumped across the river at the narrowest point of the gorge, at 25 meters, to escape from a hunter.

Keeping it Green


Yesterday, April 22, may have been the official Earth Day holiday, but why celebrate just once a year when you can do so the whole month? That’s just the question students are asking themselves at International School of Beijing (ISB) where April has been deemed “Earth Month.” 

Shunyi Happenings: International Car Show, BSB Open Morning, Quiz Nights, and Pinotage Sunday Brunch

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This week and the next, the International Car Show will take place at the Exhibition Center, bringing with it plenty of cars for show – and plenty of cars to cause complete chaos on the surrounding roads. BSB Shunyi is also having an Open Morning, providing an opportunity to prospective families to get a feel for the school, quiz teachers about the curriculum, and tour the facilities. If you think you have a pretty good general knowledge, why not put it to the test? Head to one of two (or both) quiz nights this week. They’re always fun, competitive, and induce participants into kicking themselves for not knowing quite as much as they thought they did. If all that brain power leaves you exhausted by the weekend, head to Pinotage for a relaxing Sunday brunch.

Dining Out: First Impressions - Nanjing restaurant aims to please

An ancient Chinese capital for six dynasties, the eastern city of Nanjing is now better-known for its cuisine: heavy on duck, imbued with street food culture, laid-back but characterized by refined cooking methods.

Despite the fact that Nanjing Impressions been established in Beijing for over two years, only a smattering of expats have given the chain a chance to impress. Food should be enjoyed in the right ambience – and Nanjing Impressions knows how to deliver an authentic experience. We visited the Sanlitun branch at Shimao Department Store, where an elderly man in Nanjing traditional dress greeted us with a bow and politely ushered us in.

Roots & Shoots Celebrates Earth Day

This past Saturday marked the first student-organized Roots & Shoots Earth Day Event hosted by BSB Shunyi. The event celebrated the work of Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots organization on its 20th anniversary in China. Today also marks World Earth Day, an event celebrated by nearly 200 countries across the world to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Harrow in the Community

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Community service could be said to have something of an image problem these days.  Associated in many parts of the world with a response to petty crime and high visibility overalls, it is surprisingly easy for young people to dismiss the idea of serving the community without properly thinking about the potential benefits. This is probably especially true in the privileged world of international schools, where adults and teenagers can often come to feel like they are living in a sort of bubble – a closed community where everyone knows everyone else, most come from similar social backgrounds if different countries, and even Saturday jobs are a rarity for young people.  However, when taken on in the right way, popping this bubble and getting involved in community projects can have a transformative effect on the way young people think about and engage with the world around them and help them to understand that their actions have the power to make a real impact on those around them.

LAYman's Chronicles: My Top Ten Songs for Giving Birth


My niece just had a baby, and this got me thinking about music. As I’ve told many an expectant father, every pregnancy is different and every delivery is a unique and wonderful experience. This is particularly true for the fathers because we do not have to suffer the bodily changes and challenges of giving birth. At any rate, having “assisted” with the delivery of three kids (I took photos), I felt uniquely qualified to compile and share a list of suitable music for the delivery room. A bit of warning here, if you need silence for your delivery, this list is not for you. If you require soft soothing sounds ala Yani or Kenny G, definitely steer clear. But if you have a sense of humor and enjoy a good tune, read on.

The Doc Is In: Bad Health Travels Fast

We’re all deep into planning our summer vacations, but don’t forget to include your own health in the preparations.

Give yourself at least a month to research the health risks of the places you’re traveling to. Many vaccines require multiple shots and may take a few weeks to strengthen your immune system. Common ones include hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, and any boosters you might need. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has country-specific summaries of medicines and vaccines. Check their website at

Think Way Outside the Box for the International Creativity and Innovation Day


Today, April 21, is International Creativity and Innovation Day, which makes this the perfect excuse to rethink what creativity and innovation means to you and your family. The first thoughts that come to mind when thinking about creativity and innovation are scientists in white lab coats and an artist creating masterpieces. Sometimes it takes thinking outside the box to celebrate new ideas. The use of some fundamentally basic principles in science and art. Since 2002, this day has been marked in over 46 countries.

Making a Successful Transition from Primary to Secondary School

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By the time a child reaches their final years in primary school, they will be totally familiar with their school environment.

They will know their teacher very well, be comfortable with most if not all of the people in their class and will probably know most of the other faces in the school too.

By Year 6, they are the most senior people in their school, they will be used to being given responsibility and they tend to be looked up to by the younger boys and girls in the school.

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