Holiday Boredom Buster: Edible Art

If you’re in search of a fun and tasty art project for the hot summer days check out Krista Sheehan’s suggestions for edible art projects for preschoolers. Moving beyond mere veggie art, Sheehan has ideas for fun activities like peanut butter clay ladybugs and using bread as a canvas for painting. Whether you’re looking for a summer treat or an inspiring art masterpiece, Sheehan has an idea for you. 

Holiday Boredom Buster: Science Meets Sugar - Grow Your Own Rock Candy

How often do you get to do a science experiment and get candy out of it?You can by making your own rock sugar. It’s not difficult, but younger kids will need help from an adult since the experiment involves using hot water. The sugar crystals will need some time to grow, so you’ll have to wait up to one week before the rock candy is ready.

Seasonal Roundup: Ni Chifan le Ma? Family-friendly Chinese dining (Part 2)

This is part two of the two series post. Click here for part one.

Introducing New Foods Undoubtedly some kids can be picky eaters, and Chinese food can be daunting: there are often bones, oil, and spice to contend with. We get tips from Maiker Valdivia, parent and chef de cuisine at Aria Restaurant in China World Hotel, and Dr. Leora Martin, registered clinical dietician at Oasis International Hospital, on how to successfully introduce your kids to new fare.

Kowtowing Kids

Kneeling to receive a hongbao 红包 or red envelope is, by Chinese standards, part of the experience a child needs to honour. It’s about expressing gratitude in a traditional way and is not meant to diminish their person. But, watching my kids be trained to ketou 磕头 or “kowtow,” (as its been transliterated into English), still makes this Western mom squirmy.

For kids to receive money in red envelopes at the spring festival or Chunjie 春节   holidays is the equivalent of kids getting Christmas presents on December 25th. It’s a big moment filled with big smiles.

A Monkey Speaks


I'm particularly pleased to wish you a happy new year, dear readers, since this is my birth year; I am proud to be a monkey. (From which you will deduce that I turn twenty-four this year. Ahem.) What is it they say about monkeys? “Wise, intelligent, confident, charismatic, loyal, inventive...” Yup, that's definitely me.

So of course this year will be very fortunate for me. What's that? What do you mean it won't? Oh. Apparently Monkey years are unlucky for people born in Monkey years. We Monkeys are so mischievous and troublesome that when we run into each other, one of us has to keep his head down, or there'll be shrieking and baring of fangs. Since 2016 is unlikely to stay out of my way, it follows that I have to pass through the year as unobtrusively as possible.

But wait. Master Tsai, esteemed provider of online horoscopes, holds out a shred of hope.

Holiday Boredom Buster: The Tube Trick

Who doesn’t enjoy a good magic trick? The following trick is very easy to do, but it never fails to surprise the audience. You will make ribbons or silk handkerchiefs magically appear from an apparently empty tube.


  • Two sheets of paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear adhesive tape
  • Some small flat objects, such as ribbons or silk handkerchiefs


Seasonal Roundup: Ni Chifan le Ma? Family-friendly Chinese dining (Part 1)


This is part one of a two-part post. Click here for part two.

Dining out en famille is one of the mainstays of modern Chinese life. In China, children are at the center of family culture and welcome everywhere. You’ll see little ones dotted among most large groupings in every restaurant, and at every price point. We polled parents for their favorite restaurants, and they responded with a list of old faithfuls: because hygiene, comfort, and reliable service are of critical concern for families. They also told us their kids hate sitting around in restaurants and love interactive food and individual portions: anything they make, manhandle, or eat on their own is a winner! So we’ve compiled a list of the best, clean, family-friendly options – where kids can get in on the action, and you can relax and explore the cuisine.

Holiday Boredom Buster: Crafts Corner - Downloadable Craft Templates


Cannot come up with ideas for cool crafts? Don’t fret. Here is a list of downloadable crafts via that can be used as a curative measure for boredom. For good measure, you could try Crayola for some free coloring pages or visit our archives for step-by-step guide through the crafts features.
Here is a sample craft to use when the sun is out on a nice clear day.
Butterfly Sun Catcher



Beijing Kindergarten Partners with British Prep School for Online Video Classes

British preparatory schools may seem downright otherworldly to many Chinese students. But that distance is being quickly bridged for Beijing's Dadi Kindergarten, via a close new partnership between the Beijing Department of Education and England's esteemed St James' boarding school.

The partnership kicked off on February 2, when a group of Beijing head teachers arrived in the northeastern port of Grimsby, England to spend a week at St James. The Sino-British coalition inked a long-term agreement to "promote education between the two countries" according to the local Telegraph newspaper. Their first, and most concrete, joint initiative will be the coordination of internet video classes and online study between St James and Dadi, a way for the former to expose students to Asian culture, and for the latter's students to boost their English language skills. From there, the campuses will swap teaching techniques and other resources.

Holiday Boredow Buster: Secret Agent Man

Ever since kids first started raiding wardrobes for dress-up costumes, there's been a market for fake mustaches. Whether your little ones are secret agents, cops or cowboys, a good set of whiskers will always come in handy.

Scotch tape
Plain heavy stock paper
Heavy black paper
Exacto knife
Colored scrubbers
Double-sided tape

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