A Growing Legacy: ISB Roots & Shoots Projects

Roots & Shoots (R&S) believes in youth and their power to change the world into a better place. Children around the world form R&S groups in order to take on projects, dealing with three main topics: Environment, Animals, Community. Last week's blog covered the preparations by Beijing City International School (BCIS) for the R&S International School Summit to be held on November 13, 2014 at Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) .

This week we will focus on the International School of Beijing (ISB) and the achievements that they are planning on presenting to Jane Goodall at the Summit.

Tiger Tales: WAB Marks its 20th Anniverssary

Last weekend, Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) parents, alumni, former faculty, current staff and faculty, and the extended WAB community were invited to join WAB’s 20th anniversary celebration. During the event, guests were taken on a journey across the WAB campus, where people shared stories of their best WAB memories and celebrated the accomplishments of the school over the years. Recently, we spoke to two 20-year WAB veterans to find out what the school was like back in the day. See the interviews here. This time around, 18-year WAB veteran Lynne McCone shares her own Tiger tale. McCone currently teaches Grade 2 through Grade 5 beginner English and is the elementary school English as an additional language (EAL) head of department.

How has WAB changed over the years?
The change from the "factory" site behind Ikea to the Shunyi campus has been a massive one for those of us who have been here almost since the beginning, almost like a fairy tale. To have been part of that physical change; to have been asked, alongside other members of the WAB staff, to put forward ideas about a new teaching environment was an interesting task. I am proud to have been part of those changes at WAB. The numbers of students and staff has changed as well. Once we were a small community, where we all knew each other and worked and played together! Now, we are four campuses and it is hard to know everyone. That is one of the biggest changes and challenges we face.

Halloween Etiquette: Tips to Embracing the Festivties

Halloween is either very loved or very hated, the number of people in-between can be considered almost extinct. The parties lined up in the town can be found here, if the beijingkids 8th Halloween Costume Party conflicts with your schedule (there is still space for the Sunday morning session). Halloween might be very new to some as this might be the first time celebrating it, so here are some tips to help you and your family have fun and looking forward to others.

Travel Prep 101, Part 3: Plane and Simple

This is the final part of a three-part feature. For part 1 (weighing your options), click here. For part 2 (Qu Nu'er), click here.

Need Halloween Costumes? Head to This One Store at Hongqiao Market

I was recently at Hongqiao Market doing research for the magazine when I stumbled upon a treasure trove of Halloween costumes. There's a rather confusing collection of buildings there, all with slightly different names and hawking different wares. Most families know Tianle Toy Market as one of the places to buy toys and gifts, but there's another place called Tianya Hongqiao Pearl Market just east of the main building. You can't tell at first just by looking at the shopfronts full of vases and jade, but there's one shop in the basement chock-a-block with Halloween costumes.

In Harmony: Princeton's Tigertones Kick Off Keystone's Music Night

The newest school in town, Keystone Academy just happen to host one of the well known a capella groups, The Princeton University's Tigertones for their first-ever musical performance night opened to the public on October 28 and 30. The school officially opened this September and have been busy settling down at their Shunyi campus.

Shunyi Happenings: Bazaar and Fashion Show, Music Concerts, Halloween Origami, Montessori Training

The first of the holiday season bazaars will be hosted by Radiance, this coming Friday and Saturday. Get your Christmas shopping off to an early start, and pick up some fabulous gifts from a variety of vendors. The Diversity III Concert Series, being hosted by Dulwich College Beijing, is fully underway. The series has already featured two wonderful performances, with music from the Roy McGrath Jazz Quartet and Swing Beijing, with three more concerts still to come. If you’re looking for something a little bit different for Halloween, why not pick up some rather unique origami earrings or a paper pumpkin or two. If you are considering gaining a teaching qualification, the International Montessori Teaching Institute may have the ideal course for you.

Travel Prep 101, Part 2: Qu Na'er?

This is the second part of a three-part feature. For part 1 (weighing your options), click here.

Only Three Weeks Left to Book Chi Fan For Charity Tickets

Time's running out for you to book your slot in the culinary event of the season (if not the whole calendar year): Chi Fan for Charity, the annual eatathon where more than 50 of the Jing's best restaurants host tables where 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to charity.

To date, 24 of the 54 tables for the Saturday November 8 event are fully booked, and if you don't get it in gear soon you're going to find yourself ordering take out again that night, sitting at home binge-watching the latest season of The Walking Dead while the elite of Beijing will be dining and socializing ... we won't even mention that their cash outlay will be going directly to fund the United Foundation for China’s Health (which provides access to innovative healthcare for vulnerable populations in China) and the Morning Tears foundation (which cares for children effectively orphaned when parents are sent to prison).

BHSFIC Reporting: Summer at John Hopkins University


Excitement overwhelms me as I step out of the dormitory and looked at the beautiful campus ground. I can’t even begin to imagine the fascinating college life that awaits me.

I am the first to arrive at my four-student suite and can’t wait to meet my roommates. The door opens, I hold my breath, and in walks a tall European girl with dark blond hair. She smiles warmly: “Hi, I’m Defne.” Defne and I become friends immediately. Albeit we are both bookworms and a bit quirky, it is our differences that bring us even closer. She is a Muslim, from Istanbul, Turkey, and is very eager to share her culture. The traditions, laws, and food differed greatly from those of China, and we are both intrigued by the cultural differences. Just when we are engrossed in our conversation, our roommates arrive. An energetic and petite girl hops in, followed by her grandma who wears a white robe from head to toe. That’s when I met Mali, a half Japanese and half Thai Buddhist girl whom I will later have a wild time with. Our last roommate is Sierra, who goes to an all girl boarding school in New York. We have an amazingly culturally diverse suite. In the next few weeks, our dorm life ranges from artsy to crazy.

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