October 2007 around the world

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16 Oct

World Food Day

Started in 1981 by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Day is celebrated by over 150 countries around the world in an effort to raise awareness about world hunger. This year’s theme is "the Right to Food."

24 Oct

United Nations Day

UN Day commemorates the birth of the United Nations by celebrating world harmony and diversity. Many international schools in Beijing will host festivities with students showcasing national costumes and the culture of their region.

28 Oct

National Chocolate Day (USA)

Yet another excuse (as if we needed one) to eat more chocolate. Whether it’s stuffed, dipped, filled, layered, creamed or drizzled, let your inhibitions go!

31 Oct


Originally a pagan festival called Samhain, Halloween is said to have originated as a time of year when spirits can most easily make contact with the living. Hence, people began dressing up in creepy costumes to ward off ghosts.

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