December 2007 around the world

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Dec 4-12

Celebrated over eight days, this Jewish festival commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Families come together to feast on special foods like latke (potato cakes) and light candles on a menorah with each passing night.

Dec 11
International Mountain Day

Celebrate the importance of mountains and the vital resources they offer! International Mountain Day was established in 2003 by the UN General Assembly as an opportunity to learn about, understand, and make positive changes to the world’s mountains and highlands.

Dec 13
Ice Cream Day

Even on the coldest of winter days, it’s hard to turn down ice cream, so of course it’s not strange to celebrate Ice Cream Day in the middle of December! Enjoy it in a cup or on a cone, as a sundae or milk shake, or a la mode on a piece of warm apple pie.

Dec 25
Christmas Day

A day that originated as the celebration of the birth of Jesus, this Christian holiday has since evolved into a tradition celebrated in many nations by tree-decorating, gift-giving, feasting and gathering together to spend time with family.

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