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Grandma’s Kitchen

Zianne (6), Ryan (3) and Zaeila (1) Indanan of the Philippines have fun eating at Grandma’s Kitchen

If there’s one place that could hold us together on a school night or on lazy Sunday afternoons, that would be Grandma’s Kitchen in Jianwai Soho. There are other restaurants near the area as well, but what sets Grandma’s Kitchen apart from all the rest is the cozy ambiance, great food, warm service and kid-friendliness. They have coloring paper that they dole out to kids to keep them busy while waiting for food, and the kids love to eat chicken baskets and mini-sized pizzas. Chocolate shakes are also favorites. Nemo can’t get enough of the hefty servings of fries, and the same goes for Zianne. Our littlest tyke, Ella, watches in amazement and grapples for her own share, too!

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