January & February 2008 Around the World

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Jan 14 Mon
Dress Up Your Pet Day

Kids love to play dress-up, and now your pooch or puss can get in on the act. Some pets like it, some don’t, but whatever the case, this is a fun event for kids and a great way to pamper your pet with a glam new ensemble. Good luck dressing the goldfish!

Jan 23 Wed
Handwriting Day

The purpose of this day is to remind us the importance of penmanship, and the grave danger of its extinction due to the tap-tap-tap of keys under the haunting light of a computer screen. On this day, pooh-pooh the keyboard and spend some time with the pen!

Feb 2 Sat
Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

This tradition started 40 years ago in Rochester, New York, and has since become a worldwide institution. Celebrating is simple: Eat ice cream for breakfast!

Feb 5 Tue
Pancake Day

The last day of indulgence before Lent, Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the time to use up all fats and creams before this Christian festival of fasting and penitence. Whip up a fresh batter!

Feb 14 Thu
Valentine’s Day

This day is not exclusive to sweethearts! Kids, friends and family members can spread the message of love by making cards and treating loved ones to roses or chocolates. Show that special someone you care!

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