Beijing’s Smallest March 2008

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Michael Anthony Talkington
Chinese-American. Born to LeLe Wang and Daniel Talkington on October 5 at Shunyi Hospital For Children and the Aged.

Go Hyon Min
Korean. Born to Go Woochan and Hwang Inkyung on April 27 at Future Women OB/GYN.

Jamie Song
Chinese. Born to Mickie Gao and Jake Song on August 14 at Beijing Obstetric Hospital.

Marianne Chan Zhan Jingyu (詹婧妤)
Chinese-American. Born to Jerry Chan and Cicylia Wang on January 12 at Peking Medical Union Hospital.

Kent Akiba
Japanese. Born to Takamitsu and Keiko Akiba on September 13 in Japan.

Brett Shi
Chinese. Born to Shi Xiaolong and Yang Yang on June 22 at Civil Aviation General Hospital in Beijing.

Mirabelle Remi DeAngelis
American. Born to Stephanie Giambruno and Chris DeAngelis on January 2 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Serenity Zhen Lockwood
American. Born to Dale Lockwood and Elly Zhen on November 26 at Amcare Hospital.

Katie-Lee Smith
British-New Zealander. Born to Karen Johnstone and Nigel Smith on July 29 at Amcare Hospital.

Zhao Maya 赵玛娅
Chinese-Serbian. Born to Zhao Lili and Nik Stankovic on December 18 at American-Sino OB/GYN.

Amity Huan Huan ‘LP’ James
British-American, Born to Jim James and Wei Chen on October 27 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Elisa Abou-Rjeily
Russian. Born to Anna Kouzikova and Nicolas Abou-Rjeily on August 5 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

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