April 2008 Around the World

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April 7 Mon
No Housework Day

Forget vacuuming, the dishes, or that mess piling up in the corner. Just put up your feet, relax, and take the day off! Or, if someone else usually does the housework, give him or her a rest by doing the chores yourself.

April 15 Tue
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Birthday

He may be one of the world’s most famous artists, but did you know Da Vinci also invented scissors and the high heel? Celebrate the life of this 15th century artist, scientist and inventor by spending a few minutes thinking, brainstorming or getting creative!

April 18 Fri
International Juggler’s Day

Whether you are experienced, a novice, or just want to give juggling a try, this holiday is the one for you! Try it with balls, clubs or random household objects – just stay away from the glass coffee table.

April 22 Tue
Earth Day

Born from the modern environmental movement, the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Take the opportunity this year to learn more about what you can do for the environment. Honor Mother Earth by pledging to recycle or simply picking up that piece of litter.

April 25 Fri
World Penguin Day

Coinciding with the Adelie penguins’ annual northward migration to Antarctica, today is the day to celebrate all things penguin. Put on your best black and white, practice waddling or sliding on your stomach, or pop in your favorite penguin-themed DVD.

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