Beijing’s Smallest April 2008

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Chen Mangyu
Chinese. Born to Chen Qingshan and Ma Yi on June 6 at Peking University First Hospital.

Nadine Lim
Singaporean. Born to Joshua and Cindy Lim on December 31 at Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore.

Bose Avignan
Indian. Born to Bose Shreyasi and Bose Biswanath on January 20 at Beijing United.

Labarre Aurélie
French. Born to Chen Jing and Labarre Thierry on January 11 at Beijing United.

Eden Guy Yi-Ch’iang Briganti
French. Born to Carine Splinder and Jason Briganti on December 28 at Xie He Peking Union Medical College.

Guo Yi Chen
Chinese. Born to Guo Xuguang and Zhou Xiaojing on August 30 at Beijing Hospital.

Johan Larsen
Danish-Filipino. Born to Ester and Claus Larsen on January 5 at Amcare Hospital.

Milana Lucille Murray
American-Irish. Born to Sheri Wilbanks and Brian Murray on September 23 at Beijing United.

Harrison Hisashi Sumi
Canadian. Born to Alison Osborne and Greg Sumi on January 29 at Beijing United.

Judah Ezekiel “Zeke” Henderschedt
American. Born to Tom and Erin Henderschedt on December 17 at Beijing United.

Phoenix Maria Franke (凤凰)
German. Born to Michael Franke and Jean Liu on September 21 at Beijing Women’s Hospital.

Adélaïde Bajohrs-Sabaté
French-German. Born to Jérôme Sabaté and Jessica Bajohrs-Sabaté on January 29 at Beijing United.

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