Beijing’s Smallest May 2008

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Kai Thomas Hwang
American. Born to Chien and Jodi Hwang on September 13 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Oleg Tkachuk
Russian. Born to Evgeny Tkachuk and Maria Ambartsumyan on August 6 at Blagoveschensk Women’s Hospital in Russia.

Kurt Noah Castillo
Filipino. Born to Abet and Gemma Castillo on April 3 at Beijing United Medical College.

Jocelyn Cai
Chinese. Born to Angela Xiong and Cai Yang on October 28 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Casey Chan Lopez
Canadian-American. Born to Manuel Lopez and Eli Chan-Lopez on March 6 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Yvee Hou
Canadian. Born to Zhang Xin and Hou Yu on November 17 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Raphaelle Caron San Therrien
Canadian. Born to Dominic Therrien and Marie-Pier Caron on March 17 at Amcare Hospital.

Feng Jiali
Chinese. Born to Feng Kai and Li Zhaoxia on August 6 at Beijing Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital

Liu Ruizhe
Chinese. Born to Li Yun and Liu Kegong on December 9 at Tianjin Hospital.

Reka Szofia Molnar
Hungarian. Born to Renata Tisch and Laszlo Molnar on December 11 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Grace Zhang
Chinese. Born to Annie Hou and Zhang Gang on November 29 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Mark David Alexis Romanos Lecera
Filipino. Born to Alex and Rose on August 19 at Children’s Hospital in Shunyi.

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