June & July 2008 Around the World

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June 8 Sunday

Dragon Boat Festival
This traditional Chinese festival commemorates the poet Qu Yuan, who lived in the ancient state of Chu in the Warring States Period. On this day, eat zongzi (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaf) and head to the water to race long, narrow dragon boats.

June 14 Saturday

World Blood Donor Day
Created to honor and thank the unsung heroes who save lives by donating their blood, this day also serves as a reminder to make responsible choices, maintain a healthy lifestyle and give blood regularly.

June 15 Sunday

Father’s Day (US)
Father’s Day is celebrated on a variety of dates over the world to pay tribute to fathers. But this day is as good as any to honor grandfathers, sons, brothers, uncles, close friends and additional male role models that play positive roles in your life.

July 16 Monday

World Snake Day
This day gives snake-lovers an opportunity to spread knowledge about serpents and remind people how important it is to protect them. Science museums invite people to celebrate all things herpetological and bring their pet snakes in tow. On this day, go to the Beijing Zoo and check what’s happening in the snake gallery!

July 26 Thursday

National Day of the Cowboy
Put on a Stetson and boots and hail the American cowboy! With public ceremonies and activities across the US, this festival is celebrated to honor the history, culture, character and spirit of the American cowboy heritage. While in Beijing, try a China-themed celebration with Mongolian hats and clothing. Yeehaw!

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