Say Hello to Beijing’s Smallest

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Nathan Jeffery Powell
American. Born to Zhao Rui and Jeffery Powell on Jan 2 at Beijing Chaoyang Women and
Children’s Hospital (MCH)

Aiden Bradford Rice
American. Born to Marlene and Brad Rice on Jul 16 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Jacob Peter John Southall
British. Born to Chloe Bazlinton and John Southall on Jul 25 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Yam Kai Chin
Singaporean. Born to Yam Weng Yip and Liu Hongna on Jan 20 at Beijing Obstetric and Gynecology Hospital.

Caroline Helen Brodie
French/British. Born to James Brodie and Virginie Guillard Brodie on May 30 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Sissi Q Stahlecker
German. Born to Zhang Qi and Christoph Stahlecker on Jun 12 at Shangdong Qilu Hospital.

Joshua Eric Hill
Canadian. Born to Sharon and Eric Hill on May 29 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Ryan Ruihan Mu
American. Born to Bin Mu and Lei Bian on Jul 15 at Eden Medical Center at Castro Valley, California.

Arran MacQuarrie Ross
Australian. Born to Lorna Ross and Fraser Graeme Ross on Mar 16 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Lawyetu L. Lazarus Kpasaba
Nigerian. Born to Ruth Lazarus Kpasaba and Lazarus I. Kpasaba on Apr 20 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Sergey Alyokhin
Russian. Born to Ekaterina Khomenko and Oleg Alyokhin on Feb 26 at American-Sino
OB/GYN Service.

Victor Strokin
Russian. Born to Nadia and Cheslav Strokin on Mar 22 at Amcare Hospital.

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