The Pizza Company

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Filipinos Jared (9), Jeirah (5) and Juliana (2) are from the Garcia family and their absolute favorite restaurant in Beijing is The Pizza Company (see Family Dining directory on p63) located in Jiamao Mall in Wangjing area.



The pizzas at The Pizza Company suit our taste perfectly, especially the one with the crust stuffed with cheese and sausage. We like to eat the other way around, from the stuffed side to the center tip. One piece really fills us up. One of Jared’s favorite is the stuffed BBQ chicken, chicken kebab and the garlic bread. Jeirah will always call for an ice cream for dessert, the kind with all the flavors in one serving. Juliana enjoys whatever she eats there.

They also provide free crayons and coloring pads for us to draw while waiting for our food.

The Pizza Company Daily 10.30am-10.30pm Jiamao Shopping Mall, 33 Guangshui Beidajie Chaoyang District ( 6471 2300) 品奇比萨 朝阳区广顺北大街33号,嘉茂购物中心

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