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Sep 3
Skyscraper Day
Five of the world’s tallest buildings are in China, so what better place to celebrate Skyscraper Day? Take time to admire the cloud-grazing masterpieces around the city, from the new CCTV tower to Fortune Plaza.

Sep 8
International Literacy Day
The world now has almost 4 billion literate people, but literacy and funding for reading materials continue to be global concerns. Spread the reading love by heading to bookstores, libraries or returning to one of your favorite reads and sharing them with others.

Sep 15
Old People’s Day (Japan) (3rd of Sep)
On this day, Japan honors elderly folks. Remember that old age means years of wisdom – there’s plenty to be gained from respecting your elders!

Sep 2
Confucius Day
He was born in 551BC yet his prolific writings are quoted to this day. Confucius is arguably China’s most famous philosopher, not to mention an important historical figure. This is a perfect day to honor people who inspire you, even if reading ancient scrolls isn’t your cup of tea.

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