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Tis the night when mini ghosts, vampires, and Harry Potters, as well as princesses and pumpkins wander the streets – Halloween is finally upon us. If you’ve been too busy to nab a costume or if costumes malfunction at the last minute, check out the beijingkids easy costume guide from our October issue. This year, you’re likely to see your fair share of Batmans and Jokers as well as a coven of witches – the most popular costume to date. But beware – some schools in the US think you might offend real witches (members of the Wiccan religion).

 But why stick to the common costumes? Creative Halloweeners should dress up as things that are really frightening – costumes that will scare environmentalists to the core (although it leaves us wondering, how does one dress up like a gas pump?) 

But let’s get to the important stuff: will your house have the most popular candy in the neighborhood? See if your goodies make the list. Even if you feel too old to dress up and want to leave the lights off to ward off trick-or-treaters, we have a feeling you’ll still enjoy cute babies in costume.

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