Say Hello to Beijing’s Smallest

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Eden Mei Hester
British/New Zealander. Born to Joanne Caine and Ian Hester on Jul 6 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Zhou Xiyuan
Chinese. Born to Vivian and Alex Zhou on Sep 11 at Haidian Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

Henry Goncalves
French/Chinese. Born to Michel Goncalves and Qiu Jingjing on Dec 15 at Amcare Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Scott Mendoza Weston
Australian/Filipino. Born to Simon Weston and Shiela Mendoza on Oct 24 at Community General Hospital, Laguna, The Philippines.

Alexander Litvinskiy
Russian. Born to Lilia Litvinskaya and Alexey Litvinskiy on Nov 27 at Beijing Wuzhou Female Hospital.

Milo Jun Adleff
German. Born to Birte and Thomas Adleff on Oct 7 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Alex Hanzhi Xiao
American. Born to Jack Xiao and Li Yu on Nov 18 at American-Sino
OB/GYN Hospital.

Lillian Rae Levine
American. Born to Laura Goertzel and Bruce Levine on Nov 10 at Beijing Family United Hospital.  

Minh Khang Nguyen
Vietnamese. Born to Nhung Le and Chi Nguyen on Jul 21 at Beijing United
Family Hospital

Celina Ren
American. Born to Ren Dao Yuan and Yim Wah Cheng on Jul 10 at
Beijing United Family Hospital.

Gabriel Madison Makelin
American. Born to Rob and Ivy Makelin on Dec 18 at Antai Maternity Hospital.

Alexander Ty Dufner
American. Born to Andrea Jolynn Dufner and Daniel Lee Dufner on Aug 31 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

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