The Artazas

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The Artazas hail from Chile but have lived in countries around the globe. Since the family moved to Beijing in February 2005, the capital is now the only place the Artazas call home. Mario and Alejandra love the city’s culture and history and relish witnessing the Beijing’s growth and modernization. Xaviera, 10, is a keen equestrian rider and practices Chinese with her riding instructor.

Spot for Date Night
We love to go to the Taj Pavillion for Indian food. When we vacationed in India we steered clear of the local cuisine, but now we realise what a huge mistake that was.

Best Toy Shop
We go to Tianyu market to find toys for Xaviera and to Shengtangxuan for hand-crafted toys for Mario.

Day Trip
We love going to the countryside just an hour and a half away – the mountains, rivers and villages are similar to those in Chile. We recommend a trip to the cave dwellings in Guyaju or to Cuandixia village, where you can visit a local home for an unforgettable meal.

Place to Bring Friends from Home
The old Summer Palace and Beijing’s Capital Museum. We always seize the
opportunity to indulge in Peking duck; in the evening we visit a tea house and listen to Chinese opera.

Birthday Celebration
Go-kart racing with family and friends is a great way to spend a birthday. Xaviera tested her skills and her courage while speed racing on her tenth birthday.

Good Report Card Award
We treat Xaviera to foreign books and magazines, which are sometimes hard to find in Beijing. Scouring for new bookstores is one of our favorite pastimes.

Lazy Sunday Fun
We like to go for leisurely strolls through the galleries at 798 or through one of Beijing’s numerous parks. Tuanjie Park’s man-made beach is a favorite; we made our first local friends while swimming on a summer afternoon.

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