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有机食品, yǒujī shípǐn: organic food
有机产品 yǒujī chǎnpǐn: organic product
有机蔬菜 yǒujī shūcài: organic produce
绿色食品 lǜsè shípǐn: “green” food

When shopping for organically grown and processed food products, look for the the “Certified Organic” label (有机认证, yǒujī rènzhèng) by the OFDC (Organic Food Development Center). This is an independent food certification agency of the State Environmental Protection Administration accredited by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements), an internationally recognized umbrella organization for organic movements. Also look for food products marked with the COFCC (China Organic Food Certification Center) label, and the National Organic Food label. Organic products are labeled “China Organic Product” (中国有机产品, zhōngguó yǒujī chǎnpǐn), while products made during a period of conversion to organic methods are labeled “Conversion Product” (中国有机转换产品, zhōngguó yǒujī zhuǎnhuàn chǎnpǐn).

Watch out for the “Green Food” label: This label only denotes foods have been grown with limited amounts of legal pesticides; products marked with the “Green Food” label are not organic.

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