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Bathers for babies



Go shopping for these cute suits for little ones. Outfit Hawaiian hula girls and stylish toddlers at H&M and Juicy Couture. For protection from the sun and surf, check out the sunsuits by BabyGro (see below). They’re clinically tested to a rating of UPF 50+, so there’s no need to worry about sunscreen washing off. For the littlest swimmers, invest in swim nappies. They will contain spills and are machine-washable.



1. H&M. Striped two-piece. RMB 129.



2. H&M. Big flowers tankini. RMB 99.



3. H&M. Pink and orange. RMB 129.



4. H&M. Blue with cherries. RMB 99.



5. BabyGro. Swim nappie by Mio. RMB 149.



6. Juicy Couture one piece. RMB 720.



7. BabyGro. One-piece UV-protection sunsuit by BabyBanz. RMB 200. Sizes 0-6 years.



8. H&M. Hawaiian flowers. RMB 129.

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