Learn Thai Cooking at the Hilton

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Hone your cooking skills (and bring your little ones) at the Hilton Hotel’s Thai Cuisine cooking class this Saturday, June 13, in their Elements restaurant on the second floor.

Classes are taught by the Hilton’s own talented chefs, who will introduce the history and background of Thai cuisine, basic ingredients and preparation, give live cooking demonstrations and instruction, followed by a dinner where you can tastes the fruits of your labor. Classes are RMB 300 per person and a second course on Italian cooking happens later this month on Thursday, June 25.

Contact Dean Zhang at hiltoncookingclass@hospitality-r-c.com, 6586 9248, 6586 6340 or 136 0123 6022 to enroll. Space is limited. Classes are intended for adults, but adults can bring their children (children older than 10 must pay full price).

The Hilton Beijing. 1 Dongfang Lu, Dong Sanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District (6466 2288)

More information on other cooking classes can be found here, here, here and here.

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