Top Picks September 24th-27th

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Don’t miss this week’s excellent events that are fun for the whole family. E-mail to get each issue sent to your inbox. Check the beijingkids website for full event listings,

Thursday September 24th – The Dinosaurs of Liaoning

Don’t miss the final installment of Bookworm’s Evolve series.Damien Leloup and Ludovic Blein from Yizhou Geological Park will introduce kids to the types of dinosaurs that roamed Beijing millions of years ago. Includes exhibits of real dinosaur bones, fossils, and a five-meter long replica of a Jinzhousaurus. RMB 50, RMB 30 (members). 2pm. The Bookworm,

Don’t Forget: Treat yourself (or the kids) with a yummy Bookworm dessert. 

Friday September 25th – Discovering Mooncakes

The mid-autumn festival fast approaching (it falls on Oct 3 this year). Brush up on the history of the humble mooncake at the CCC Learning Center and sample some of the best mooncakes from across China. Try the ice cream and vegan-friendly options. For details, e-mail Sienna Parulis-Cook or call 6432 9341. RMB 30. 10am-noon. CCC Learning Center,

Don’t Forget: Go to Holiland bakery to pick up some of Beijing’s most delicious mooncakes.

Saturday September 26th – Merchants of Bollywood

Vibrant colors and giant choreographed dance sequences are what sets Bollywood musicals apart. The plot centers on the dying art of the Kathak dance (the dance of the gods) and Shantilal Merchant, the one person with the ability to save it. Factor in an old feud, a tangled love story and lots of dancing, and you have a true tribute to Indian movie tradition. Best for kids ages 8 and above. Fri 25-Tue 29. 7.30pm. Poly Theater,

Don’t Forget: Keep with the Indian theme and head to Ganges in The Village for an early dinner.

Saturday September 26th – Head to Sea

Beijing Sailing Center is running a weekend sailing course for seamen (and women) of all levels. Take advantage of the beautiful sea-fairing weather before the Center closes its doors for the winter. They even have accommodation packages for families wanting to save themselves a return trip. From RMB 1,700, RMB 1,530 (members). For details, call Ray Walintukan 150 0118 9580 or e-mail Beijing Sailing Center,

Don’t Forget: Bring sunglasses and sunscreen to protect you and the kids from harmful UV rays.

Sunday September 27th – L’ile de Black Mór

This feature-length animated film follows Kid, a 15-year-old orphan who lives a dull life – until he finds a map that is supposed to lead to the notorious pirate Black Mór’s treasure. Cue a fantastical series of adventures on the open sea as Kid and his crew; MacGregor, Beanpole, Taka and Jim the monkey go treasure hunting. Film in French, with English and Chinese subtitles. RMB 20, RMB 10 (students). Starts 3pm. French Cultural Centre (6553 2627)

Don’t Forget: The center has a formidable library and bookshop containing French books, magazines and newspapers as well as a lovely coffee shop.

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