Fast Food: Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶)

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A Chinese soup for the soul

"This recipe is easy to cook and easy to find the ingredients, plus it’s packed with nutrition." – Farouq Abdullah, head chef of Atrium at the Gloria Plaza Hotel Beijing



Serves 10

1 herbs and spice muslin bag (调料包)
3kg pork ribs (肋排)
2kg pork knuckles (猪肘去骨)
1kg whole garlic with skin (整蒜)
150g leeks (葱)
200g ginger (姜)
5 tbsp oyster sauce (蚝油)
10 tbsp light or normal soy sauce (生抽,光抽)
12kg water (水)
1kg black mushrooms (黑蘑菇)
500g deep-fried bean curd (炸豆腐 (豆泡))
2 tbsp dark soy sauce (老油)
5 tbsp salt (盐)
2 tbsp sweet dark soy sauce (甜酱油)
30g Chinese fried dough sticks (油条)
20g red chilli (红辣椒)
10g sliced garlic (蒜片)
10g coriander leaves (香菜)
White pepper to taste (白胡椒少许)

Method (做法)
1. Place herbs and spices muslin bag (purchase from,
Chinese only), pork ribs, pork knuckle, whole garlic, ginger, oyster sauce and light soy sauce together with water in a pot and bring to boil. 把调料包, 猪排骨, 猪肘,整蒜, 眊油, 生抽放在锅里加水煮沸.

2. Once boiling, add mushroom, deep-fried bean curd, dark soy sauce, and salt. Simmer soup until ribs are tender. 当煮沸时, 加入蘑菇, 炸豆腐 (豆泡), 老抽,盐, 煨汤直到排骨变嫩.

3. Serve with white rice and dough sticks, chilli, sliced garlic, coriander leaves and white pepper. 与米饭, 配料一同上桌

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