Why So Afraid of H1N1 Vaccine?

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There’s much chatter about whether or not kids in Beijing’s international schools should take the H1N1 vaccine. Here’s what MyHealth Beijing blogger, Dr. Richard has to say about the vaccination:

The H1N1 virus is full into its second wave all over the world. There has been a large increase over the last 2-3 weeks, including in China. There are some disturbing signs that this H1N1 virus is more dangerous to pregnant women and children than previously thought. With pregnant women, the risk of death from H1N1 is six times higher than the population, and health authorities are stressing that pregnant women get the vaccine. And as for children, already in the US 86 children have died from H1N1, again already a higher total number than we would usually see during the entire seasonal flu season.

And yet there are widespread reports of uncertainty about the H1N1 vaccine. Is there any data to support such fears? The quick answer is no, but let’s talk more about it…

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