On the Beach in Boracay

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The Travelers:
Christopher Lay and Savvy Him with their daughter Reina (2.5 years).

The Plan:
When family friends shared their Boracay itinerary for the
October holiday with Christopher and Savvy, they decided to join in the island excursion with only a week to book the trip. The day before departure, their friends had to cancel due to illness while typhoon Parma was bearing down on the Philippines. Undaunted, Chris and Savvy packed their bags and headed to the airport. Nothing short of flight cancellations would deter them from spending a week on an island where Reina could dig in the sand and frolic in the surf. They managed to just miss the storm and only suffered a two-hour flight delay.

The Best Part:
Although Reina was not particular about where she played in the sand, the parents enjoyed exploring the beaches around Boracay, especially Pukka which is less frequented by tourists than world-famous White Beach. Another family highlight was hiring a boat to go snorkeling. Eventually, Reina fell asleep and Christopher and Savvy were able to snorkel together while the captain and his crew kept a watchful eye on Sleeping Beauty.

Nami Resort’s restaurant is a must. The view is stunning, the food is the best on the island and they even have toys for kids. Many places have decent BBQ ribs and grilled chicken. For snacks, try a crepe; Christopher enjoyed the banana, custard and Nutella variety. Not a day passed without the family sampling a refreshing mango, green mango or kalamansi (lime) shake.

Travel Tips:
Boracay would not be the family’s first pick for a future beach holiday. The people are friendly, the water warm and the beaches beautiful. But from a financial point of view, better bargains can be found in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali. Better food, too. Still, the family had a great time and have no regrets. If you want to go diving, you will have a hard time finding a better dive shop than Free Willy’s. And try not to go during a typhoon.

The Lays stayed at Artista Villas for about USD 100 a night. Approximate cost for the entire trip was about USD 4,000, including seven nights in Boracay and two nights in Manila.


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