The Krauss Family

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Although the Krauss family is relatively new to Beijing
(they arrived nine months ago), the crew has already explored a fair amount of the city. Jason, the founder of Home Abroad (a
premier provider of expatriate housing in China, and Susan, a social worker at the Care for Children Family Services Clinic, hail from the US. They have two sons – Gavin (4) and Lucas (1). Here are their family favorites. 

Favorite Restaurant
Din Tai Fung and Annie’s.

Best Kids Clothing
Silk Market and Blueberry Owl, a great clothing boutigue in Shunyi – I shop there because the clothing is fun and unique!

Fun Day Trip
The Commune at the Great Wall.

Rainy Day Activity
Walking around Solana or the Beijing

Favorite Weekend Activity
Taking drives, shopping, walking around the neighborhood, and going out to eat.

Lazy Sunday Activity
Take a walk, go to
Starbucks, eat lunch, and browse markets.

Family Ritual
We don’t really have one. We try to keep changing it up!

Best Indulgence
Susan browses for jewelry at Shayne’s Treasures or gets manicures and
pedicures at the Lido Market. As a family, we spend a night at the Aman Hotel at the Summer Palace or
The Legendale Hotel.

Favorite Snack
Muffins from Lohao or ice cream and cinnamon raisin bagels from
Mrs Shanen’s Bagels.

Best New Beijing Discovery  
Danshui Town – Gavin loves the turtles and fish there! Also, the new Beijing SciTech shopping outlets!

Date Spot
The Aman Hotel at the Summer Palace
(hands down)!

Winter Holiday 
We have plans to go to
Thailand this December.

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Photograph by Mishka Family Photography

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