Gorgeous Guilin

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Edouard Van Vlasselaer, Jutta Neusser, their daughter Manuela (12) and Jutta’s father Max Neusser.

The Plan
The family flew China Eastern Airlines to Guilin and stayed at the Jinwan Hotel. Jutta’s dad, a keen photographer, wanted to get the most out of the beautiful scenery at Yangshuo and the surrounding misty mountains. The total cost of their trip was RMB 7,240.

The Best Part
The clan packed their bags and took a day trip along the Li River to the picturesque town of Yangshuo. On the way, they were able to enjoy the sunshine and the fascinating karst peaks. The family also took some smaller tours around Guilin, including a boat ride where they watched fishermen use cormorants to catch fish. Manuela even got to steer the boat.

What to Look Out For
Be prepared for unpredictable weather with sun in the morning and showers throughout the afternoon. Also, the family wanted to try the local breakfast, but no matter where they went, their food was often cold by the time it got to the table.

Unexpected Discovery
The family wanted to head up to one of the bigger mountains by bamboo raft; unfortunately, the raft rides had stopped by the time they got to the pier. Instead, they took a taxi into the misty mountains, making regular pit stops to check out the amazing views. The mysterious atmosphere reminded Manuela of the Harry Potter novels.

Kid-Friendly Features
There are some nice restaurants in Guilin that offer a variety of European food. There are also a few friendly English-speaking people, who are more than happy to organize tours and boat trips for you.

Travel Tips
Jutta recommends planning your trip by doing research online and picking up a few travel magazines. Also, it’s best to book your vacation during the drier seasons to avoid being rained out.

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