The Yazdani Crew

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Dr. Arman Yazdani of Beijing United Family Hospital and his wife Julie, an accountant, have their hands full with their three children, Millie (9), Annissa (7), and Thomas (4). The Australian family relocated to Beijing from Guangzhou eight months ago, but they are already taking advantage of all the capital has to offer. The Yazdani kids love catching up with neighbors in their family-friendly neighborhood.

Favorite Restaurant
Rumi is our favorite and Annie’s suits everyone.

Favorite Chinese Restaurant
Made in China in Lido.

Shop Spot
We like going to The Place. The kids love bookshops.

We buy kids clothes at Yashow and Silk Market. For Thomas’ clothes, we go to Mothercare in SOLANA.

Day Trip
We like to go to the Great Wall. The children love running along it.

New Discovery
We recently went to the Museum of Natural History, which has a good dinosaur display. The China Science and Technology Museum is good for all ages.

Favorite Date Spot
We like The Place and we go to a new restaurant every time. Last time, we had Thai food. We also love feasting at Quanjude.

Toy Store
Hualian in Wangjing has a playground with balloons and a horse. There’s also plenty of space for playing. EKids is also great.

Favorite Treat
Our favorite is always ice cream, even in the freezing, cold weather.

Favorite Park
Our favorite is Beihai Park. Last time, a group of old ladies taught the girls how to play with a soccer ball attached to a ribbon. It is also a great place to see people dancing.

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Our favorite activity is flying kites. We also like to exercise and visit new parks. Near Lido Hotel, there are outdoor trampolines that the kids jump on if it’s not too cold.


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