Bitter Sesame Chocolate Mousse

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Crispy praline sesame

60g milk chocolate
215g praline paste
180g roasted sesame seeds, black and white

Melt the chocolate at 45°C then mix in the praline and roasted sesame seeds. Spread the mixture evenly on a tray and set aside to cool.

Dark chocolate mousse

120g sugar
80g water
65g eggs
160g egg yolks
450g 70 percent cocoa chocolate
400g whipped cream

Cook the sugar and water together at 118°C. Pour in the eggs and yolks. Mix until fluffy and smooth and set aside. Melt the dark chocolate at 45°C. Then add some whipped cream until it’s the same consistency as the sugar and egg mixture. Fold both mixtures together and add the rest of the whipped cream slowly.

Serve the mousse with pieces of crispy praline sesame. Serves 4.

This delicious recipe was supplied by chef Jean-Luc from the Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center.

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