A Balinese Holiday

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The Travelers
Ron Cune, his wife Tina Zheng, their son Tymo (3) and daughter Miya (almost 2).

The Plan
The family won a two-person trip to Bali at a charity auction. With part of their trip covered, the total out-of-pocket cost was RMB 20,000. Additional tickets, hotel reservations and airport pick-up were arranged by MTMC travel agency. They stayed at Waka Gangga and The Kayana and flew with Korean Air and Garuda Air. (For more information, contact Paula Cao from MTMC at 6510 2010 ext. 810 or paula.cao@mtmc-china.com.)

The Best Part
The family arrived late to Waka Gangga, but were treated to views of paradise when they awoke the next morning. Their small resort was situated in the middle of rice fields, just beside the beach. Happily, they were the only guests. Overall, the family was very impressed by the Balinese culture and people.

The Worst Part
Getting there was the worst part. Their daughter slept only 15 minutes during the ten-hour flight. And once they arrived at 1.30am, they had to wait in line for an hour to apply for a visa.

Family-Friendly Features
While the hotel has no playground, the environment is great for children. The English-speaking staff was friendly and relaxed, and played well with the kids. Family activities can be booked at the reception. Activities include elephant riding, horse riding, Balinese dance, Balinese blessing ceremony, Balinese music class, a city walk and temple visits. The Bali Zoo is a must-see. The safari made a big impression on their 3-year-old son.

Travel Tips
The family recommends booking a stay at Waka Gangga and flying with Korean Air.


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