Schoolhouse Community Service Day

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The Schoolhouse works closely with their neighbours, the village governments, and park authorities to ensure their developments fit into the community and contribute to helping Mutianyu become a distinctive and sustainable Great Wall Destination. To them, community engagement is synonymous with sustainable tourism. Which is why Saturday 24 July – The Schoolhouse Community Service Day – is such an important day because they get to say thank you to the village of Mutianyu by donating a day of labor from the entire staff.

On Saturday morning they encourage guests to come join them. Those of you who show up at 09:00 will get a lunch on the house. For all other guests, The Schoolhouse Canteen will remain open, and all gross proceeds from a la carte lunch service from 12:00 to 14:00 will go directly to the Mutianyu Village Charity Fund. So whether you lend a hand or join them for lunch, you’re making a difference!

 Photo by Humanaught of Flickr.

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