Paradise in the Philippines

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The Travelers
Anwar Almutlaq, his wife Maria Fuenmayor and their daughter Dana (8 months old).

The Plan
The family booked everything online. First, they flew directly from Beijing to Manila with Philippine Airlines. After staying at the Peninsula Hotel in Makati, Manila for a few nights, the family flew 75 minutes on a 19-seater Dornier to Palawan in the Pilipino municipality of El Nido. Anwar loved the plane trip, which was an adventure in itself. Upon arrival, a boat was waiting to take them to Miniloc Island. They stayed at the exclusive El Nido Resort. After six nights on the island, they flew back to Manila for last-minute shopping and a night at the Peninsula Hotel. They flew back to Beijing via Philippine Airlines.

The Best Part
The family dipped in crystal clear water as colorful fish swam around them. The staff knew the family by name and was always on-hand to entertain their daughter. Every night at dinnertime, the singer at the resort sang to Dana while Mom and Dad enjoyed their food.

A Nice Surprise
On the first morning at the island, several monkeys were spotted walking on top of the resort cabanas. It was a nice surprise for Dana and a sight to remember.

Ayi joined the trip as well and everyone enjoyed the activities offered by the resort, including kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, island hopping and hiking. English is widely spoken in the Philippines and the resort had many tours to choose from, each with a lot of flexibility, allowing them to do everything they wanted to do.

Family-Friendly Features
Despite being an exclusive and isolated resort, El Nido Resort is equipped to host families with children.  A sister resort on a neighboring island had a playground and swimming pool. The chefs prepared special foods for their baby daughter, mashing potatoes, carrots and more for her to devour. For an optimal trip, the family suggests that travelers inform hotels of their needs in advance.

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