Picture Your Hometown

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Emily Jernejcic
Age: 8
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio, US
Describe your drawing: In my drawing, there is my house, Graeter’s ice cream place, the Ohio Stadium, and the playground.
Favorite places in your hometown: My school, the playground, Graeter’s ice cream and the Great Wolf Lodge.
What do you miss most: Good ice cream and the big playground.
How long have you been living in Beijing: One year and three months.
Favorite place in Beijing:
I love animals. My new favorite place in Beijing is the aquarium at the Beijing Zoo.

 Victor Jan Bertil Melander
Age: 8
Hometown: Brussels, Belgium
Describe your drawing: My drawing is about my favorite places in Brussels. I love to visit the Atomium, the Mannelkepis statue and the Grand Palace. One of the best things about Belgium is Belgian chocolate, which I have also drawn.
What do you miss most: My friends
Favorite place in your hometown: The Atomium
How long have you been living in Beijing: Since August 2010.
Favorite place in Beijing: Dali Courtyard

Nick Vance
Age: 10
Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland, US
Describe your drawing: It has six things that I miss the most about where I live. Johnny Rockets: an all-American diner that serves up the best milkshakes ever; Rita’s Water Ice: one of the best places to get a cool treat on a hot day; three bamboo sticks that represent a tree-lined path down to our neighborhood dock; steamed Maryland crabs, which are a delicacy in the Chesapeake region of the US; a sailboat (Annapolis claims bragging rights as the sailing capital of th US); and a football to represent a favorite American sport.
What do you miss most: Rita’s Water Ice, where I can get any flavor slushie.
Favorite place in your hometown: The bamboo forest near our house that snakes down a path to our neighborhood dock.
How long have you been living in Beijing: Three years
Favorite places in Beijing: The Water Cube waterpark

Gemma Golding-Duffy
Age: 16
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa
Describe your drawing: I drew a picture of how I remember Cape Town as a child: the famous Table Mountain with the cable car, the buildings, animals such as zebra and springbok, and the winding road that goes around the mountain. Cape Town has a lot of beaches and harbors. There is a big whale tail because I remember seeing quite a few whales there. Everything in the picture is quite colorful, because I remember it to be a colorful, sunny city, full of cultural diversity.
What do you miss most: The beaches, clean air, and the amazing caramel doughnuts.
Favorite place in your hometown:Camps Bay Beach
How long have you been living in Beijing: Almost two years.
Favorite places in Beijing: Houhai Lake and Sanlitun.

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