Say Hello to Beijing’s Smallest

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Elijah Joseph Brightwell
British. Born on Nov 3 to Joanne Pouncey and Tim Brightwell at Beijing United Family Hospital.
















Felix Ferdinand Ebert
German. Born on Dec 30 to Zhang Lvlv and Carsten Ebert at Beijing Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital.


















Grace Petra Jensen
Canadian. Born on Nov 20 to Jessica and Tyler Jensen at AmAsia International Medical Center.




Nikki Jiarui I
American. Born on Sep 7 to Tracy and David I at Beijing United Family Hospital.


















Olive May Millie
Canadian. Born on Jan 14 to Kate and Terry Millie at Amcare Women’s and Children’s Hospital.




Lucrezia Anna Orlando
Italian. Born on Dec 11 to Luciana and Alessandro Orlando at
Beijing United Family Hospital.

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