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Experience Summer Camp
Age: 12 – 20
Dates: Jun 27 – Jul 3, Jul 7 – 13, Jul 18 – 23, Jul 28 – Aug 3
Deadline for Registration: Jun 25
Price: RMB 2880 not including round trip tickets from Beijing to Yellow Mountain
Location: Yellow Mountain

"Experience" Summer Camp is hosted by top travel agencies in Anhui and AIESEC (Global youth leadership organization). It focuses on providing experiential learning to youth and building an international platform for youth. All the trainers in this camp is volunteer from Top 100 universities around the world. There will be very diverse events including hiking, camping and party.

For details, visit or follow weibo @Experience体验夏令营. You can also mail for more detail information.

KinStar Summer Camp
Ages: 3 – 5
Dates: Jul 12 – 30
Deadline for registration: Jun 10
Price: Contact
KinStar Summer Camp has a three week program from July 12-July 30 from 9am-3pm. The kindergarten group is ages 3-5; the primary group is ages 6-12. The cost of the summer camp also includes lunch and snacks. Kids will enjoy sports, games, arts, crafts, language and more. Busing is available. 
Visit to download the registration form.
BSC Kids Summer Camp (1 week)
Ages: 8+
Dates: Jun 12 – Sep 2 (weekdays)
Deadline for registration: Varies due to different themes
Price:RMB 1,800 per week         
Where: Varies due to different themes
BSC Kids Summer Camp is about kids having fun and learning to sail. In addition to sailing being a fun and challenging sport that gets young people outdoors and interacting with nature, it also fosters many important attributes and characteristics. This is because sailing is one of the few sports that is intellectual and dynamic, requiring brains rather than brawn. The focus of this kids courses is fun and we incorporate lots on-water games so that in many instances the children do not realize how much they are learning. Qualification certificates are awarded for each student that successfully completes each level. Take home souvenirs include certificate, sailing log book and T-shirt.
MIkids Summer Camp 2011
The International Montessori School of Beijing will have a MIkids Summer Camp for kids in different ages in River Garden Campus. From Jun 27 – Aug 5 for 3 Sessions (2 weeks for each session).
Chinese Heritage Camp
Ages: 7+
Dates: Jun 27 – Aug 5
Deadline for registration:  Jun 17
Price:RMB 5,800 per session      
Chinese Heritage Camp will introduce to them brush painting, calligraphy, Kungfu, toy-making, games and etc. on daily basis. Sharing good books with young children can have life-long benefits for the entire family.
MIkids Senior Camp
Ages: 7+
Dates: Jun 27 – Aug 5
Deadline for registration:  Jun 17
Price:RMB 5,800 per session      
MIkids Senior Camp will teach children different subjects such as Moneytalk to help children develop an accurate comprehension regarding money and Architecture to help children gain basic knowledge of architecture. The classes will also include drama, smart food, music and art.
MIkids Junior Camp
Ages: 4 – 6 
Dates: Jun 27 – Aug 5
Deadline for registration: Jun 17
Price:RMB 5,800 per session      
MIkids Junior Camp will introduce science, magic match, stories, drama, smart food, music and art to kids age 4 – 6.
MIkids Cutie Camp
Ages: 2 – 3
Dates: Jun 27 – Aug 5
Deadline for registration:
Price:RMB 1,800 per week         
MIkids Cutie Camp will provide a wide variety of safe and fun-to-play-with tools and toys for kids to explore. Tailored to suit the development needs of these very young children, the classes include rhythmic, movement (dancing and rolling), socially acceptable expression and control of emotions, creativity projects and physical exercises.

Contact 512 97915/8046 3935 for more information.
2011 Chinese Language Summer Camp
Ages: 2 – 7+
Dates: Term 1: Jun 20 – Jul 1, Term 2: Jul 4 – 15, Term 3: Jul 18 – 29, Term 4: Aug 1 – 12
Deadline for registration: Varies due to different terms
Price:RMB 3,100 per term         
Where:Capital Mandarin School
Through this program, students will have a great experience of learning Chinese language and culture as well as traveling and exploring Beijing. The camp will also have outdoor games,basketball,swimming, Kungfu, half day field trip,etc.
Call 8450 6990/136 9137 7462/152 1025 8175 or email at for more information.
2011 Hantong Summer Camp
Ages: 6 – 12+
Dates: Term 1: Jul 4 – 15, Term 2: Jul 18 – 29, Term 3: Aug 1 – 19
Deadline for registration: The week before the term starts
Price:RMB 3,400(Term 1 and 2), RMB 5,000 (Term 3)      
In order to keep your kids updated with school, Hantong Summer Camp is going to teach them English, Chinese, Math, Golf, Magic, Kungfu, Swimming and other different subjects. There are also activities every Friday in different locations such as museums.
Contact 8046 2765/ 153 1366 7309/ for more information
JUMP! Inspire: Daily Adventures
Ages: 11 – 12 
Dates: Jun 20 – 24
Deadline for registration:Register ASAP. First come, first serve.
Price:RMB 2,520       
Where: House of Knowledge International Kindergarten, Victoria Gardens Campus
Discover the depths of local culture and the roots of community through exciting activities around Beijing’s urban landscape. JUMP! Inspire explores the capital in a fresh way, utilizing a blend of adventure, art, drama, sport, and service to immerse you in the local community. Challenging exercises that enhance personal leadership skills, and fun activities make this week of personal discovery an unforgettable experience. Maximum 12 participants, daily 8am to 5pm. Highlights include:
• Adventure Race through Beijing
• Rock Climbing
• Cultural Experiences
• Community Enrichment Project
JUMP! Empower: Adventure Camp (Age 13-15)
Ages: 13 – 15 
Dates: Jun 20 – 22, Jun 23 – 24
Deadline for registration:Register ASAP. First come, first serve.
Price:RMB 3,580       
Where: House of Knowledge International Kindergarten, Victoria Gardens Campus
Explore new concepts of community and personal development through JUMP’s unique, fun and dynamic activities. Experi­ence Beijing as an agent for positive change by engaging directly with local non-profit organizations and their initiatives. Explore the Beijing countryside and stay overnight at the Western Academy of Beijing’s Miao Liang Environmental Education Center. Maximum 12 participants. From Jun 20 – 22, daily 8am – 5pm. From Jun 23 – 24, there will be an overnight adventure trip. Highlights include:
• Community Enrichment Projects
• Leadership and Teambuilding Activities
• Environmental Education
• Rock Climbing
JUMP! Engage: Adventure Expedition (Age 16-18)
Ages: 16 – 18 
Dates: Jun 20 – 26, adventure expedition trip
Deadline for registration:Register ASAP. First come, first serve.
Price:RMB 5,012       
Where: House of Knowledge International Kindergarten, Victoria Gardens Campus
The great outdoors pose the ultimate test for your leadership skills! Challenged by the elements as well as by group activities, undergo a personal transformation during the Adventure Expedition and discover your inner leadership skills. Spend the first two days at the Miao Liang Environmental Education Center, rock climbing and learning outdoor skills that you’ll need for the rest of the week. Then, embark on a journey through the Beijing countryside and camp out under the stars. Engage in a unique blend of activities throughout the week that aim to increase your understanding of personal, community and global leadership. Maximum 12 participants. Highlights include:
• Outdoor Survival Skills, Navigation and Sustainable Travel
• Rock Climbing
• Hiking and Camping
• Unique Leadership and Teambuilding Activities
More information see or contact and 6538 6842.

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