Plasticizer Found in Food, China Food Safety Faces Another Crisis

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On Tuesday, June 7, Netizens on Sina Weibo crazily forwarded a message that roughly translated to: “Almost all cakes in Shanghai have plasticizer, even in the yogurt.” Adding, “Eating plasticizer will also make a man’s genitals smaller.”

The online panic is connected with the news that plasticizer was found in food in Taiwan a few days ago. The scandal has spread across the island, with the contaminant found in food and beverages, even in high-end restaurants and pharmacies. This Monday, June 6, China’s Health Department updated the list of foods that are temporarily banned from being imported into Taiwan. Click here for more information (Chinese only).

Also worth checking out:

Guangxi Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau announced only 80% of food produced in the region during May reached safety standards. See the original article in Chinese here [].

At the same time, Wenzhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced that only 74% of children’s food (their definition of “children’s food” being rather vague) qualified as safe. Read more here [].

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