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True Run Media is launching a new Chinese-language publication aimed at families and international education. We are looking for a motivated intern to help get it off the ground. Qualified candidates will have the possibility of eventual full-time employment and should possess:
True Run Media正在筹备出版面对家庭及国际教育的中文杂志。我们正在招募一位有积极性的实习生。合格的入选者将有转成正式员工的机会。

  • Excellent Chinese writing skills; 非常好的中文写作能力
  • Strong English to Chinese translation skills; 良好的英译中翻译能力
  • A nose for family related issues and news; 对家庭相关的话题具备一定的新闻敏感
  • A strong web and digital background/interest; 对网络工作具有极大的热情
  • The ability to network and make connections in the international school scene; 具备与国际学校建立良好的社交网络的能力
  • Journalism major or relevant industry experience is preferred. 新闻专业或其它相关行业
Please send your CV (in Chinese and English) along with at least four writing samples in Chinese or English to

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