Blank Canvas: 3e International School fill March’s Blank Canvas

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Darius Kwang, 6, Singapore
My playground has a banana slide.

Helen Wadhams, 6, US
My playground has two swings and a waterslide.

Lola Kim, 7, South Korea
I have sleds, monkey bars, slides, a sun, fans, and stars on my playground

Mikey Chen, 6, Taiwan
My playground has swings, a climbing wall, slides, and people having fun.

Junlin Liu, 6, China
I play with my mom and dad on the playground.

Houquan Chen, 6, China
My playground has many ladders.

Nini Huang, 6, Canada
My playground has swings and you can swim.

Sunwon Kwon, 6, South Korea
I have monkey bars, slides, water, and stairs on my playground.

Leon Cui, 6, Hong Kong
On my playground, you can slide and swing.

Kai Jolly, 5, US/UK
My playground has ladders and monkey bars.


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