Food for Thought: Spooky Fruit – The Winterhofs make Halloween Treats

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The Winterhofs have only been in their Huoshayuzhen apartment six weeks when we visit. They moved to Beijing from Denver, Colorado, so that mom Katie could take up her role as elementary PE teacher at Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA). Husband Adam is a drummer, and currently, a trailing spouse. The Winterhofs have three daughters; Grace (age 7), Carolyn (5), and Lillah (3), who all attend BIBA with mom. Adam chose an intentionally simple recipe, so that the kids can help out, and also because as newcomers they are cognizant of the fact that not everyone has the same amount of kitchenware in China as they might enjoy back home.

Halloween needn’t be a total sugar-fest; as the family proves with these healthier fruit-based treats. Katie has another tip for keeping sugar to a minimum: when the girls go trick or treating they sell their candy to mom and dad, and use the funds later to buy toys. Cleverly, the candy they collect is immediately redistributed to other trick-or-treaters, therefore no temptation stays in the house. Adam tells us that although these recipes are easy, finding chocolate chips was not! Their local expat supermarket had sold out, so Grace helped him sift a box of cookie mix to extract its chocolate chips.

Instructions 做法

Ingredients 成分
Bananas (not too ripe)
香蕉 (不要太熟的)
Semi-sweet (or dark) chocolate chips

1. Peel the bananas, and cut them in half. 将香蕉去皮,对半切开。

2. Push in two chocolate chips for the eyes, and one chocolate chip for the mouth. 用两颗巧克力碎片做眼睛,一颗巧克力碎片做嘴巴,“幽灵”就做好了。

Pumpkins 南瓜
Ingredients 成分
Clementine oranges 橘子
Celery or cucumber batons

1. Peel the orange (roll the orange first to loosen the skin so the peel comes away easily from the fruit). 将橘子去皮(可以事先将桔子滚动几下,表皮会更容易剥离)。
2. Remove excess pith. 去除多余的白丝(橘络)。

3. Slice the celery or cucumber into pieces approximately ½cm wide and 2cm long. 将芹菜或黄瓜切成长约2cm,宽约0.5cm的细条。
4. Insert the celery (or cucumber) into the top of the orange as the stem of the pumpkin. 将切好的芹菜(或黄瓜)条插在橘子顶部,“南瓜”就做好了。



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Photos: Dave’s Studio

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