Birthday Bash: What’s Cooking? Make the day delicious at Le Kindergarten

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Taiwanese businessman, Jonathan Ma, has lived in Beijing for the past ten years. In that time he has opened a succession of businesses, including a gym (Le Wellness), yoga studio (Le Yoga), and now a preschool (Le Kindergarten). Le Kindergarten, located in Lido, counts among its facilities a child-friendly fully-equipped kitchen. Located within a retail mall, the preschool often received inquires from parents passing by, who asked if they could provide the venue for children’s birthday parties. “We responded to the obvious demand and decided to give a try,” says Ma. “It worked out well and the children had a great time.”

As a result, on weekends Le Kindergarten now offers themed birthday services to families. Birthday themes can be based on different styles of cooking. Staff led group classes demonstrating both Chinese and western dishes are available.

Ma says the top three favorite cooking classes for families are dumplings, cupcakes, and muffins. Families can build their party around one of those existing options, but he emphasizes the accommodating approach staff takes to facilitating the family’s vision. “Often the host family has their own ideas on how to decorate the venue and theme activities,” he says. “We recently had a family request a Star Wars themed birthday party. We are very flexible and do our best to help create great memories for their little ones, whatever theme they choose.”

For example international families looking to introduce simple Chinese food and Chinese cultural activities could select a dumpling themed party including all ingredients, guided food preparation class, lunch, cake, arts and crafts, songs, stories, games, and themed decorations. A party for up to 20 families with a customized theme, activities, cooking class, and cake would cost from RMB 4,000 to 5,000. Contact Le Kindergarten directly to discuss theme, guest numbers, and activity requirements for an accurate quote.

Le Kindergarten is a bilingual preschool, and all staff is fluent in both Chinese and English, which makes communication straightforward both in terms of planning the event, and on the day itself.

Le Kindergarten 乐童日托中心
No 1-6, Hairun International, No 2, Jiantai Road, Chaoyang District (5135 7730, 5135 7729, 朝阳区将台路乙2号海润国际底商1-6号


This article originally appeared on page 16-17 of the beijingkids February 2016 issue. Click here to read the issue for free on To find out how you can get your own copy, email

Photos: Courtesy of Le Kindergarten and Ines Yang

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