1. Thank you! I tried and it just rang and rang. Maybe they are closed on Mondays. I will try again tomorrow –

  2. Yeah, I just tried again and no answer. I hope they are still in business! So strange there is no website or email or even a phone number listed – just an address. But I need an appt before I go there or at least to know the hours so I can know when to drop by to make an appt in lieu of contacting them otherwise. Or, is there another place you reccomend? I’ve been in Beijing since Sept 17 and desperately need color for my roots (my last appt was in America on Sept 10). I get blonde highlights/lowlights on my naturally light brown hair –

  3. I saw somewhere that their wechat ID is london_loft so I sent an invite, but no response yet. And I’ve tried calling 4 different times 🙁

  4. Actually, as it turns out, that number (minus the periods) is Scarlet’s Wechat ID – not a phone number 🙂
    I went and had a great experience – I recommend LL!

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