1. My son loves wooden puzzles and puzzles in general! We sometimes receive “free” puzzles with purchases, and those are the ones we “travel” with so that if he loses pieces it’s not the end of the world!

  2. Nice list! My 3 year old easily gets bored when we eat out too and your list definitely gave me something to keep him preoccupied! I love the list!

  3. I no longer have a toddler but this is something I have to think about again soon because we have a baby on the way. Books and art materials really do help a lot but you’re other ideas are great too!

  4. @Jessica so true! It’s disastrous when they lose a piece isn’t it? They really break down and act like it’s the end of the world haha, cute but challenging at times!
    @Nhessie, thanks! Glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting!
    @Janice, I’m glad you found it helpful!

  5. I keep my daughter entertained with stickers but instead of sticking it to the paper, she sticks it to herself lol! I would love to try the Magic Pen Painting books. I remember doing something similar to those when I was young–the ones you need to paint water on then color magically appears.

  6. Having two little kids, I’ve learned my lesson and make sure I bring activities for them when we go out. I usually bring coloring books for my girl and blocks for my boy. So far, these have helped us survive out of the house trips!

  7. Great list, it becomes a problem for me and hubby when we eat out cause my son can’t seem to stay put. We can try some of this activities so he’ll have fun while waiting for our food. I like your finds but I like the cutting paper specifically, saw one like that in Market Market!:)

  8. Thanks @Jerzee! 🙂
    @Melissa, that’s the exact same thing! Haha your daughter gets to relive a part of your childhood through this activity 🙂
    @Kim Reyes, absolutely agree! That’s why I need these, too! Haha
    @Jho Tacorda, My daughter is also starting to like cutting a lot, so I also just bought her that activity you’re referring to. Hope your son enjoys it! 🙂

  9. We have and use all of these except for the sand painting kits. Those sound so cool! I hope they are available locally as I’m curious to try them.

  10. Oh, these are so helpful! My boys are usually a handful when they’re done and I’m just starting. I should remember to bring some of these when we’re eating out.

  11. This is why we dont often eat out with the kids :)) When we do, we always choose kid-friendly restaurants and I usually bring their own art kits to keep them busy 🙂

    • I know right? My kids are so wild! I’m OK with going out to fast eating places like Subway, but sit down hot pots or other nice restaurants catering to adults can be a nightmare.

  12. Always best to bring something for the kids when you know they’ll have to sit still like when dining. I like those paper cut outs!

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