• About the hukou I’m not sure…but from what I know it’s address-based. One place in Seoul, Daechi-dong, has really old apartments but rent is extremely expensive because the best schools are in that area.

  1. It’s similar in the US as well…When I transitioned from elementary school to middle school we moved from LA county to OC for a significantly better school district. Even now, the districts with the top 10 schools are so popular you can’t even find a house on the market.

    • I couldn’t imagine! Typically where I’ve lived in the States public schools are at least OK, but most are good and a few have been amazing. A lot of families I’ve known will end up homeschooling if they don’t like the schools in the area, but I know that this isn’t a legal option for Chinese families. And then… who could really afford for one parent to stay home in Southern California?

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