1. Oh my gosh, how eerie indeed!

    But come to think of it, we were in a similar situation too just recently. Our cab was parked in the middle of two islands and a delivery motorbike zoomed from an inner lane, around our cab and then into the main road. Naturally he didn’t see the incoming van, whose side he almost rammed into. He immediately pulled back his bike and ended up coming straight towards us, missing me by a few inches. The speedy devil almost got himself killed! I have no idea what happened next, considering our cabbie was rushing me so that we could get out of that scene as soon as possible, but there was no panic, no crying save for the man on the floor—just people reaching out for their cell phones calling and photo-taking and vehicles just passing the bleeding man by his fallen bike.

  2. It was eerie… it all unfolded so slowly and quietly, then there was the moment of panic when we realized we were locked in, and finally the odd sight of four westerners (including two kids) wandering down the third ring road (we were on a raised carriageway), trying to flag down a cab….

    Glad to hear you weren’t hurt, in what must have been a frightening incident!

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