1. Hi, I have a question you might know, my iPhone got updated at night and now I cant see the “transfer” tab anymore . instead of 9 tabs, I have 8.

    • Try uninstalling and re-installing wechat? Maybe your iPhone update downgraded the wechat version or wiped your verification info. Sorry – we’re not tech experts! WeChat has a help desk, by the way, if you want to check their suggestions first.

  2. hi, i try this method but it told me to verify my real name verification when i try to open a red packet. please help

  3. Kunal Chadha on

    Worked! As you said it would. Only thing to note is if the person sending you the red packet is not your friend your money(the one he sent via red envelope) will be gone. So add him as a friend. Yeah that’s my bad. I asked the hotel front desk to send me 1 yuan. So it deducted from her and didn’t show up on mine. Then added and sent another yuan. I suggest installing the chinese version of WeChat(not chinese language, but wexin version from baidu). That also let’s you use all the amazing functions. Red envelope and payment sending options will be available in your chat drawers.
    Btw, great website. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. I can’t open it. it is asking me to have a bank card. Do I need to have a Bank of China account?

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