On The Hunt For Traditional Lunar New Year Food? Try Out These Alternatives

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Making jiaozi, cooking jiaozi, and enjoying jiaozi. This ubiquitous Chinese food represents good fortune but there are more snacks your family can try out this Lunar New Year.

LA Weekly lists 10 traditional Lunar New Year dishes that are similar to China Highlights’ list of 7 lucky new year eats.

But c’mon, let’s throw in a twist! beijingkids interviewed families in the past and they gave us some fantastic recipes you can try:

Sweet Fish, Good Success
For the Lyu-Joshi family, every dish is a “creative journey … of using ordinary ingredients to add spice to everyday life.” So they sweeten things up for the holidays with this sweet fish recipe.

Three Soups and A Stew for You
It’s kind of weird we’re celebrating Spring Festival in the midst of winter, right? But these soups for the coldest season are sure to be a big hit on the Spring table!

Braise the Pork!
Add more taste to your festivities with this Shanghai red-braised pork, which the Beijinger food blogger Robynne Tindall says is among the simplest pork recipes she has ever tried.

Cheers with Mexican Horchata
And why not add a blend of Latin brew in your winter drinks? Our resident beijingkids chef, Pauline van Hasselt has found a way to make a fancy Mexican horchata with simple ingredients you can buy at your grocery store!

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