• Hey Katy, are you an expat mom? Actually direct feedback to the writer via social media from expat mothers is that they can understand the writer’s struggles and relate with similar experiences, so it might be that to understand the article, you would have had to experience a similar situation.

  1. The simple answer here is learn some Chinese. A little goes a long way. Use that 30 minutes a day wasted on feeling guilty about not speaking Chinese to engage studiously.

    • In theory, yes, it’s a simple answer. Not sure of your parenting experience, but life, especially with young children who cannot even wipe their own butts, is not so simple, especially not in another country. Makes sense to me why Chinese parents of young children enlist the help of their parents, so it’s four adults with one child. And hey, they ask for help even in a country where they can speak and read just fine.

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