1. Well, its actually surprising to see few restaurants named here as best Indian restaurants. I have been few times to Punjabi restaurant and couple of branches of Ganges as well, and I as well as my friends felt that these 2 have below average Indian food and ambiance.
    Have tried both Veg and non Veg food at these places, and they are bland, and the taste is no where close to Indian. They have foods with Indian names, but the taste is no where close to Indian. Also, the environment and ambiance is just average.
    Infact I feel, these type of restaurants are just giving bad reputation to Indian food.

  2. I agree with Abhishek, Indian food in Beijing is overpriced and isn’t impressive. Hong Kong offers better selection of restaurants alongside better prices. Maybe it is in higher demand there, but it seemed strange as HK is a much more expensive place to live and operate a business.

    But even HK doesn’t compare with Seattle, or you know… India haha.

  3. Wonderfully written Article. I really want to appreciate you for the way you have written this article. I have never traveled to China or Hong Kong. but whenever I will get an opportunity I will go there and surely taste the Indian food.

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