1. Peter Svehla on

    Wow, we were playing there on Sunday! I noticed the slide rails, kept my son away. They look pretty sharp. Those need to be lined with perspex, to keep little fingers out. There are also some hoops with balls that slide over. They’re falling apart and are very sharp. The rubberised ground is also way too thin to provide much cushioning to a fall. The climbing net however, looks good. As does the climbing tunnel above it.

  2. I hope they gave her Tetanus Immunoglobulin (TIG) not the Vaccine. If they gave her TIG it would be locally, near or surrounding the wound site after cleansing. The Vaccine on the other hand would be in the deltoid muscle of the upper arm, and takes 2-14 days to gain full effect… and I am really happy you are publicizing this terribly designed park!! They need to fix these errors ASAP!!

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