1. I would love to be put in contact with the special education teacher community in Beijing. I have a Bachelor’s in Disability Studies and Child Development, and I am looking for a job working with PWDs in Beijing starting this coming summer or next school year. Thank you in advance for your help! If contacting me via WeChat is easier, my ID is meganramirez2

  2. Sukruye Oksuz on

    Hello, my name is Sukruye. I’m a special education needs teacher. I have worked at a special education school in Turkey for 6 years before. I have been living in Beijing since more then one year. I started to study this year at Tsinghua Uni. for a master degree. I wanted to join some WeChat group about special education if it is possible? WeChat ID: sukruyeoksuz
    Best regards,

  3. Good Day. My name is Clement and I wish to be added into the wechat group for the special education teacher community in Beijing. I am an English teacher in Beijing and currently, I am studying for a Masters degree in International Education focusing on Inclusion and Special Education Needs. I am working on my dissertation research which focuses on ASD. My wechat ID is: divinefavoured777.

  4. Candace Perez on

    Hello! We are moving to Beijing this month and only applied to one school. They rejected us this morning and I find myself needing a learning support school. Surprisingly, the rejection came from one listed above. Please add me to the WeChat group: cfp_china
    Thank you!

    • Hello Candace! I’m sorry to hear that. In the meantime, I’ve added you on WeChat so that we can talk further. We’re also publishing our Home & Relocation Guide soon, and hopefully, it’ll help your family settle in Beijing. Looking forward to hearing from you! – Andy P.

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