Harrow Unveils New Campus

It’s an exciting month for Harrow International School Beijing, which last week moved into their new campus in Hegezhuang. The new campus is spread over a whopping 66,600 sqm of land, and boasts state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities. beijingkids took a tour of the Harrow campus during the students’ first week of classes at the new campus to give you the first look at Harrow’s new digs.

Harrow’s campus brings together the lower school, which was in Tongzhou’s Grassetown, and the upper school, which was in Anzhen Xili near the Olympic stadium. The whole campus is constructed around two large center courtyards, While students of all ages are at the campus, each phase of learning has its own section of the campus.
Early Years classrooms are bright and colorful, with large windows letting in plenty of natural light. Early Years also has its own cafeteria and library.
 There's also a community space that will soon house an herb garden.
The pre-prep classrooms are clustered by age group, with four classrooms clustered around a central pod area, which acts as a community space.  
When it’s time to play, there are separate playgrounds for Early Years, Lower School, and Upper School.
Throughout the campus, there are wide halls with large windows lighting the hallways.  There are 13 fully-equipped science labs and in the upper school, a spacious, bright library.
Harrow kept the environment in mind when constructing the new campus; not only is there geothermal heating and air conditioning, but there is a school-wide air filtration system to ensure optimal air quality. The air filtration system is part of the geothermal heating and cooling system. A sealed unit, it recycles and refreshes air as it passes through double sheets of filters and then filtered through a filter charged with ions. This separates the particles in the air, causing the particles to fall to a tray and the clean air to be circulated throughout the school.
Harrow’s new indoor multi-function sports facilities are spacious, with courts for basketball and other sports, as well as a climbing wall. Outside, there are two full-sized football fields, one of artificial turf and one of grass turf; one smaller artificial turf field; and four outdoor tennis courts.
Photos by Ellis Friedman