Pakistan Embassy College

This embassy-run school offers two types of curricula: the Pakistan national curriculum, and an English curriculum associated with London University that offers GCSE and A-level qualifications. Both curricula are taught in English, but a number of ESOL students are accepted, and remedial English classes are provided. Chinese language classes are mandatory for all except senior-level students. An enrollment of 400 students from more than 40 different countries makes for an excellent student-teacher ratio and a diverse student body. School facilities include science, computer and language laboratories, and a gymnasium and indoor basketball court. Ages: 4 to 18. Price range: USD 250-600/month

  • Dongzhimenwai 东直门外
  • 1 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
  • 朝阳区三里屯东直门外大街1号
  • 6532 1905

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Review of: Pakistan Embassy College


It is rather poorly maintained. It has specific smell inside. The chairs, board and floors are 20 years old without mere efforts to paint or repair them. It is always dark and grim inside. The place definitely misses repair and good owner. It is heartbreaking to see among all these staff small children moving around.
Very few teachers meeting the standard level. Many of them are family members of the embassy staff. The problem of phonetics and proper pronunciation is constant and vital. It is difficult for children to follow the teacher because of not distinct speech. It is especially difficult for new comers. No teachers who can really master the language. No ETSL lessons. No grammar lessons. The children are supposed to now the grammar themselves before going to school because there is no good explanation of grammar rules inside the books but only grammar exercises.
The school offers relatively low price but makes no investments as others do. They have no field trips. No place to eat. No swimming pool. No special uniform for physical activity.
Only diplomats’ children from poor countries can attend the school because others are 100-150 000 RMB per year which is comperatively high. Even in Italy it is twice as cheaper for normal international schools.
The majority of children in college are from Pakistan and African nations. Only 8-10 European looking faces but still not sure where are they from. Apparently, from Latin America and East Europe.
Advice - to invest and maintain the Embassy level.